Christina Aguilera’s New Purple Hair Might Make Her Hot Again (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera gets purple hair makeoverSo it's almost time for The Voice to come back to NBC, and I've gotta be honest -- I'm pretty stoked. I have a schoolgirl crush on Adam Levine, and well, it's sort of refreshing that all of the judges are coming back together for another season (unlike all those other singing shows). Consistency is nice, ain't it? Well for the most part. That firecracker Christina Aguilera is mixing things up a little -- with her hair that is.

The mother of one was spotted at an NBC press junket for the show over the weekend sporting a brand new 'do, complete with purple streaks. Hmmm, a blonde-to-purple ombre look? I can't even lie: it actually sort of suits her!

Heck -- there have been loads of entertainment divas who've attempted purple and it's done 'em well. Like Katy Perry, for instance.


Let's reflect on the success rate post-purple transformation, shall we? Ms. Perry dyed her hair purple back in April of this year, and soon after she released her own PC game named The Sims 3: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats. Becoming a virtual pop star? That's a total win.

Lauren Conrad played with some purple this past July, and is set to release her book Starstruck this coming November. Perhaps the dye gave her that extra writing boost over the summer?

Oooh, and Selena Gomez flirted with purple locks back in January and then announced she'd be taking a break from music to focus on acting. Since then, she's been cast in seven upcoming films. Seven! Not too shabby, amiright?

So there. Maybe the purple thing is a good thing. Maybe shaking things from the norm is exactly what these A-listers need to rev up the creative juices and make a serious (different) splash. Either way, I think the punches of purple looked good on all of 'em. Perhaps it's time I head out and buy a little hair dye ... or not.

What do you think of Christina's purple highlights? Would you ever rock a colored style?


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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