Taylor Swift Is Already Dressing Like a Kennedy

taylor swiftShe's only been dating Conor Kennedy for a short time, but it looks like his family's influence is really rubbing off on her, considering Taylor Swift has already started dressing like she's a member of the Kennedy family. I mean, does this girl want to be a part of the Camelot clan or what?!

It seems like she went from being youthful and funky to retro and refined overnight -- and it almost seems like she's trying to channel Jackie O. with her newfound classic style.


She's even gone so far as to update her beach attire so it fits in with the Hyannis Port vibe. Taylor was spotted hanging out in and around the Kennedy compound over the weekend sporting two classic polka dot bathing suits, neither of which was something you'd expect to see a 22-year-old girl wearing on the beach. She looked classy, sophisticated, and pretty much like she waltzed straight out of the 1960s.

Taylor definitely appears to be putting out a vibe that says, "I was born to be part of the most iconic family in America -- and I've got the fashion sense to prove it."

And considering Taylor just purchased a home on Cape Cod right across the street from the Kennedy compound, she's going to need to stock up on a few more pieces for her Jackie-esque wardrobe. Before we know it, we won't be able to tell where Taylor Swift ends and the Kennedys begin.

Here's another one of her more retro-inspired looks. She really seems to dig those headbands.

taylor swift

Do you think Taylor's new style is Kennedy-worthy?

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Image via Pacific Coast News/image via Splash

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