Katy Perry Exposes Her Bare Butt & Reminds Us When NOT to Wear a Bikini


Katy PerryA day of fun in the sun turned into the ultimate embarrassment for Katy Perry, after she wound up showing her bare butt to a crowd of people after going down a water slide at Raging Water Park in San Dimas, California over the weekend.

Donning a black and white bikini, she literally put her entire backside out there for the world to see -- proving that there's definitely an appropriate time and place for sporting a two-piece. And judging from these photos of Katy's unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, I think everyone will agree that water parks and bikinis just don't mix.

In fact, when it comes to doing anything more than relaxing poolside in a lounge chair or taking a leisurely dip to cool off for a few minutes, bikinis should probably be sworn off altogether.

Aside from the whole possibly unintentionally exposing your junk to the world thing, bikinis tend to ride up at the most opportune times if you get a bit too active in the water. Have you ever worn one while tubing across the lake or trying to hang onto the person in front of you while riding a jet ski? Let's just say the bottoms tend to wind up in the wrong place at the end of the ride. (Trust me, I know.)

Even wearing a two-piece with small children in tow can be a bit of a daunting task, because they tend to see the straps as their personal floatation devices in the water. (I've had my top accidentally pulled down on more than one occasion.)

Bottom line -- after seeing what happened to Katy, we should all learn a lesson and go out and invest in a couple of good tankinis or one piece bathing suits to have on hand for days when we're more concerned with having fun than getting a good tan. Sacrificing perfectly bronzed skin is a fair trade for keeping your private parts to yourself, don't you think?

Do you choose your bathing suit based on how much swimming you'll be doing?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

One time I was at a water park and wore a tankini. The slide was so fast that my boobs popped out; flashing every little kid and their parents...

wjbra... wjbrady2011

Maybe a string bikini was a bad choice, but there arr bikinis that will stay in place better.

BGarcel BGarcel

I think I rather flash some spontaneous skin for a few seconds than deal with awkward tan lines for a few weeks. No I don't really pick swimwear based on how much swimming I'll be doing because the swimwear I have fits me well and stays on. I've seen women with tankinis accidentally flash people going down a slide. So if it can happen in a tankini and the only other option is a one-piece (which I have none of because I don't like them) then I'll just deal with the momentary embarassment.

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