Britney Spears Looks Awkward at Best in Ad for Her New Perfume (PHOTOS)

britney spearsBritney Spears can go from backwoods casual to high-society chic like no one else. The X-Factor judge was spotted sporting a messy bun (something Julianne Hough and Gabby Douglas might approve of), a black tee, brown shorts, and tan booties -- clearly channelling her inner Louisiana cowgirl -- then posted photos from her Elizabeth Arden fragrance campaign looking like a true Hollywood glamazon. Her new perfume comes out in about three weeks, which seems soon, considering she's just taking the pics now, but no one invited me to help plan the launch, so I guess I should stay out of it.

Just kidding! Let's talk about the two looks she chose for her fragrance ads.


First is a Jean Harlow inspired ensemble. Pro tip: Jean Harlow didn't even look good as Jean Harlow, so don't do a Jean Harlow look. From the heavily makeup-ed eyes to the dark lips to the stiff hair, this beauty routine is neither feminine nor particularly attractive. Jean was an innovator in the '30s and deserves piles of credit for redefining fashion, but it's now 80 years later. The look is stale. Britney gave it her all, though, and you can't fault anyone for committing, even when the result is somewhat tragic.britney spears

Continuing with the period piece outfits, Britney dressed as Cleopatra for one of the shoots, and holy pyramids, she looks great. This look is way more flattering than her Jean idea and almost makes me want to buy some perfume.

Will be interested in seeing these pics all cleaned up, aka on set and Photoshopped, for the actual ads. If they're anything like her Radiance perfume campaign, I'm sure they'll turn out pristine.

What do you think?


Photos via Britney Spears/Twitter

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