Snooki Gets Veneers Just in Time for Baby

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snooki veneersI like Snooki's "treat yoself" attitude. The young reality star may be expecting a baby very soon, but that didn't stop her from doing something for herself. Snooki recently tweeted a picture in which she's smiling from ear to ear ... perhaps she's showing off some new teeth? It would seem that within the last month, Snooki has gotten some brand new, whiter than white veneers. Her smile was great beforehand, but maybe she just wanted a confidence boost? Maybe she saw Deena's new dentures and liked them? Maybe she just wants her smile to be picture perfect for all the mommy/baby photos? Maybe she's just a narcissist with money to burn?

Who knows. Whatever the reason Snooki decided to get some fake teeth, they look good, and hey, can't blame someone for trying to improve their looks.

Personally, I've never been a huge fan of fake chompers, I happen to like an imperfect smile. Kate Middleton's got great real teeth. Same with Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, and Kristen Dunst. Their smiles are genuine and their slightly crooked toothes make them look happy, approachable, and natural.

Crooked teeth are even considered a sex symbol in Japan, where women are paying to have their canines enhanced, but that's a different story.

Snooki's smile may now look "perfect," but I wouldn't say it's necessarily an improvement. I think she looked great before her new teeth, but if these veneers help her feel her best, ain't nothing wrong with that.

What do you think of veneers? Do you like Snooki's?


Photo via Snooki/Twitter

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Stacey Osby

Really fake teeth? come onnnnn.

Torra... TorranceMom

Maybe I missed something but was there something horribly wrong with her old teeth?

Marilyn Ramos

see here we good again i don't even thing that was nice blog ,do u think her teeth is nice or not she had a cute smile it was very cute and girly !!?? but this goes 2 people who should now about your teeth when your pregga's if they is some work on your teeth u did not take care of before the belly ,get the work done now !?? cause any mouth problems u may have before ignore ,u cab't when your pregant u will have some serious problems when ugo into labor now with her that means she has a good doctor so she got it fix ,and a little something nice 2 her teeth !!?? "man i should get paid 4 this " xoxoxo

nonmember avatar Momma bird

If she got veneers wouldnt she have needed an injection of pain killers at the the dentist? If so that's really selfish of her to put her baby/pregnancy at unnecessary

risk for such a vein and cosmetic procedure!

Xiemeneh Xiemeneh

@ Marilyn

Good God, woman! Your English teacher is having a heart attack right now . . .

Jane Austen

I think it's perfectly normal to want a nice looking smile for a boost in one's confidence, but if you don't need fake teeth why would you get them? I thought she had a great smile before, and I think she has a great smile now. I do remember hearing once, though, that pregnant women's teeth can get crooked sometimes. I for one am just happy going to the dentist for a dental cleaning


nonmember avatar Phillipp

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Bootsie Bootsie

@ Xiemeneh ...... LOLOL!!! Omg, I was thinking the exact same thing!! I even paused to consider she may have been foreign and was typing in broken english! Hahaha! It took me waaaay to long to get all the way through it.  Wooooow, that was amazing.  Try getting hooked on phonics. Sheesh!surprise mini

nonmember avatar Tina

Actually her teeth look like BIG dentures.

Nancy Santos

She had a cute and nice smile before, now not so much

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