5 Fabulous 'Real Housewife' Looks You Can Steal (PHOTOS)

Teresa GiudiceWalking out of work I bumped into none other than Real Housewives of New Jersey hell raiser Teresa Giudice. Not surprisingly, she was not excited to take a photo with me which was annoying 'cause hey, you're a reality star. Suck it up. Also, let's talk about my awkward hand. Apparently she didn't want to put her arm around me, so naturally I didn't know WTF to do.

But I'm not that shocked that big T was a big B on the streets. No, what made my jaw drop was Teresa's outfit.

Juicy Joe's leading lady dazzled in her snakesuit jumpsuit. I didn't expect it to look good (um ... who looks good in snakeskin?), but damn, did Teresa wear it well. She styled it with nude stilettos and lots of bling-bling. Full disclosure: I wanted to buy a jumper after our awkward run-in.


Why not mimic her look? Actually, there are a lot of looks worth picking up from that show -- seriously. Here's how to sass up your style and even look better than a real housewife. Just ... without the price-tag ('cause we know I can't afford that shizzzz).

Do you think the 'Real Housewives' have style? Would you ever mimic their looks?

Image via Kylie McConville

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