8 Amazing Fashion Finds That Will Save You Serious Cash (PHOTOS)

fashion runwayWhat's with designers still jacking up the price tag on every garment they put together? It's still a recession, guys. AKA we ain't got no money to buy that stuff -- didja not get the memo or something? We (and by 'we' I really mean 'me') can't afford all these expensive clothes. Still, a girl loves to shop, know what I'm sayin?

And I just can't drop cash like Hollywood stars can. So it's like, hey Kim, can I just borrow that Elizabeth and James top? Or at the very least, MK & Ash, can I stand next to it at the store & take a photo with it?

There's a way to solve this designer dilemma though. I could make my own clothing, but hell, who has time for that? Not I! How about ... shopping for the looks I love at safer prices. Hell yeah. Here's how:


Do you have any tricks for keeping the cost low on clothes?

Image via henryjose/Flickr

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