How to Have Glowing, Gorgeous Skin Without Getting Pregnant (VIDEO)

Three things I miss about being pregnant: luxurious hair, strong nails, and beautiful, radiant skin.

We can't help you with the hair or the nails, but in this latest episode of  The Sarah James Show, Sarah talks to a dermatologist about how to get that lovely, healthy glow back ... without adding to your family.

Unsurprisingly, an overall healthy lifestyle is the most important factor in beautiful skin. Exercise, a good diet, and plenty of sleep will all show up on your face.

Fruits and vegetables, especially those with a lot of Vitamin C like broccoli, or with lycopene, like tomatoes and strawberries, keep your glow going.


Good fats make a difference too -- think salmon, avocados, and walnuts, all of which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, not butter!

Keeping properly hydrated is also key, as is, surprisingly, caffeine. About a cup of coffee a day can be beneficial to your skin, and topical creams with caffeine can tighten and brighten.

And if all else fails, try a chemical peel; there are at-home versions or more strong ones that can be done by a dermatologist. It peels away dry, dull skin to reveal the dewy-fresh new skin underneath ... and can have a good effect on breakouts and fine lines, too!

For more tips, check out the video ... and the gorgeous skin on both these ladies!

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What do you do to keep your skin beautiful?

Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

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