Temporary Tattoos on Your Breasts Really Get the Message Across (PHOTOS)


temporary tattoos for chestSome people use words to say what they are feeling, but for those who don't want to speak, luckily they have temporary tattoos. Specifically ta*ta*toos, press-on tats for your ta-tas.

Now I love tattoos. I have quite a few of them. And temporary tattoos are really fun for my kids and I can see maybe trying one out when considering getting some permanent ink done in a certain spot. Maybe. But these ta*ta*toos have to be something worn to be supremely sassy in an ironically hipsterish kind of way or to get a few laughs.

Like this "Spank Me" one. It's perfect for the Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiasts. But as I was checking out the rest of the selections, I found one I would totally get down with ....

pregnant tattoo

If this is how I shared the news that I was first pregnant a few years ago, I don't think my husband would forget the moment. Don't worry, honey. I'm not preggers again.

Any soldier returning home wouldn't forget the moment either if you greeted him with this.

welcome home tattoo

And naturally, this one is for ... um ... cowgirls.

ride me tattoo

Whoa. Not for public consumption. There have a ton of two-word phrases to buy, and no matter what you choose, they all come with "Lucky You". So a pair of phrases for your pair for $9.95. And they are not just for women with large Photoshopped looking bazongas. Maybe your lover will want to nom nom nom on these. 


Hmmm. Maybe they are perfect to bring some laughs into your bedroom. Sexy time doesn't always have to be serious. But wear these out at your own risk.

What do you think of ta*ta*toos? Would you wear them?


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Aunt_... Aunt_ning

I love these. I am so going to buy some Touch Down ones for this football season. I can't wait to see my boyfriends face when I wear them at his friends house for Steelers Games

shrim... shrimpmommy

Oy vey! I'm buying some ASAP. Operative word:Temporary.

Carol99 Carol99

The apocolaypse is coming.

nonmember avatar Jeff5144

GOD! I'll be so glad when this tattoo fad has finally run its course. I am pleased when I see someone with clean skin anymore. I wish I had the money to invest in tattoo removal technology, because a LOT of people are going to wake up one of these days and be sick about their impulsive but very permanent decisions of the past. (Yes, I KNOW these tats are supposed to be temporary, but there will be many more people who will get permanent ones. Sheesh!

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