Lea Michele’s Easy Clear Skin Secret Happens After Dark

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, that gal has got the LIFE right now. She's shacked up with on-screen boyfriend and hottie McHotstuff Cory Monteith, her Glee character Rachel is about to embark on the epic journey of a lifetime in New York City, and shoot -- is it just me or does she look FAB-U-LOUS everywhere she goes lately. Even in gym clothes! That beeyotch! 

You know what I think it is? Her skin is freakin' fantastic. Lucky for you and me, Lea spilled her clear skin secret to Wetpaint and it's actually SUPER simple. Oh, and it all happens under the cover of darkness.

Glee's Rachel Berry goes to bed every night with a face and hair mask on. "I don't care what I look like when I go to bed," she said. "I care about what I look like when I wake up in the morning."

She's totally right. All you're doing in bed is sleeping, why not fix up the goods then? I've tried masks before, and I love 'em!


Finding a go-to beauty routine and sticking to it, that's something we as women owe to ourselves, wouldn't you agree? Yeah yeah, you and me -- we go into our respective bathrooms and wash up before hitting the sheets. But we've all been there. It's late. You're tired. You brush your teeth and then all you want quality time with your pillow.

... then you wake up. It's the next morning. You look in the mirror, and GAH! Well hello there, last night's makeup! Sigh. I may as well have paid for an all-access pass to Clogged Poresville.

Overnight masks come in all different price ranges and can be a total lifesaver (my favorite mask comes from Origins). For the mask newb, don't fret! This isn't some goopy mask that'll ruin your pillows. It's more like a lotion that cleanses while you catch some ZzZs.

Believe me, once you go to bed with it -- you won't wanna go to bed without it. How often do you hear that, eh?

Do you have a nightly skin care routine?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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