Egomaniac Lindsay Lohan Turns Average Pool Day Into High Fashion Photo Shoot

lindsay lohanI honestly do not know how she does this with a straight face. Lindsay Lohan was just "lounging" at a hotel pool, minding her "business," when a photographer started snapping pics. Lindsay, in a sheer white bathing suit, looks like she pretended not to notice, while at the same time, completely noticing. She posed and peacocked around that pool like it was her job. In one shot, she's sitting up, straight as a board, lips pouted, hands laid gracefully in her lap, her eyes half-focused on something mildly interesting the distance ... I don't know about you, but I don't look anything like that when I'm at m'local swimming hole. I look more like this, which, I suppose, separates an actrice aaaaaaand a normal person.


It goes without saying that Lindsay liked the attention she was getting, so let me go ahead and boost her ego even more by saying that she looks great in that suit. Mysterious bruises and pink ink stains aside, her body is slammin', and I like her hair in this red/brown color. Plus, I really dig the dark, drawn-in eyebrows. Those look famaze.

We all know that Linds just wrapped the Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Liz & Dick, so perhaps she hasn't totally let go of playing the part of America's coyest sex symbol. The poised poses, the seductive (or drunk? I can't tell) nail biting, the forced, too-loud laugh that makes you throw your head back in happiness ... Lindsay's got all these moves down

I wonder when Liz wears off, if Lindsay will go back to complaining about the paparazzi. Until then, I will admire her ability to turn a day at the pool into a fashion photo shoot. I will also admire that bathing suit. Me want.

What do you think of Lindsay's poolside antics?


Photo via HairColor2012/Flickr

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