‘RHONY’ Star Sonja Morgan Gets New Red Hair (and New Boobs Too?)

sonja morganWe've watched Sonja Morgan make some questionable fashion choices on The Real Housewives of New York, cough no-panties-under-a-Little-Bo-Peep-type-dress cough, but this latest decision is something I think a few of us can get behind. At a GLAAD event in New York City this week, Sonja debuted a new, red 'do. The strawberry lowlights mixed with the blond highlights look pretty good on the reality star; very Lindsay Lohan circa the early two thous.

Oh, and hello there, boobs.

I have to wonder what Countless LuAnn and Romotional think of Sonja's new look -- those two like to control any and everything. I bet they have something to say about their cast mate's hair; LuAnn is probably pissed because she doesn't think there's room for another auburn-toned head of hair on the show, and Ramona's likely up in arms about it because her breakfast wine has kicked in and she's flabbergasted that Sonja would do this to her hair without running it by her first. Then they'll passive-aggressively accuse her of getting a boob job, someone will have a pregnancy scare even though they're about as fertile as Chernobyl, they'll come to blows about some vague idea of loyalty, and then they'll all go home and tell their men how much they hate Sonja's hair.

But I like it. It's kind of saucy, which fits her personality. It's always fun to try something new; Sonja probably knows that better than the rest of us.

What do you think of Sonja as a redhead?


Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty

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meerin meerin

I think she looks great! Makes her look younger yet its more age appropriate! Some of those blonde housewives are trying to hard! Oh and her boobs are awesome the other ladies are for sure going to be bitter!!

nonmember avatar Lynn

I like it Sonja!'

subte... subteacher8989

she is always pretty, I like her alot

nonmember avatar Claire Winter

She looks just like Jill Zarin. We didn't need another one. (We didn't need the first one.)

Jane DiMaggio Brooks

<3 Love it......she is fun and it shows, tell me what's wrong with that?

nonmember avatar amy

Oh Sonia...from the neck up you look terrific. From the neck down you look pretty ridiculous. :/

Marilyn VanDyk

The hair's not bad, but the boobs look so fake/unnatural...do these cosmo doctors check before finishing up?

Cathy Estright Stahlman

Sonja you look great........no matter what anyone else says's love you...love watching you........can't wait to get your cook book..... :}

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