Miley Cyrus’ Side-Boob Steals the Show in ‘Marie Claire’ Photo Shoot

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus looks amazing on the cover of Marie Claire's September issue. Have you seen it? You need to see it. She's positively glowing from the inside out. Maybe it's her engagement, maybe it's the fact that she doesn't have any of that gluten-stuff lining her stomach anymore, whatever it is, she's successfully, and completely, left those Hannah Montana days in the past and has morphed into one beautiful young woman. Put her in some stunning dresses, pull out a little slash a lot of side-boob, give her editorial hair, and plop her in front of a fashion photographer, and boom, Miley's a haute couture model. Who saw that coming?


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Her street style could use a little work -- from the short shorts to the thigh-high leather boots to the Twit Pics of her in sweatpants, the future Mrs. Liam Helmsworth is still learning to walk on her fashion legs, but she shows promise. I loved this risky denim jumpsuit, and there's nothing wrong with experimenting with the cut and color of your hair, either.

As long as she continues to have fun with her look and doesn't get too caught up in the trends, Miley's style is just going to get better and better. And hello, that inside side-boob shot is fantastic. She's bringing side-boob to a whole new side-boob level. Side-boob never looked so side-booby-ish before. Side-boob. (Word's almost lost all meaning, hasn't it.)

Love it when the young stars blossom into beautiful, stylish, and chic women right before our eyes -- it reminds me of that time Kristen Stewart did a spread for W. Seeing these starlets in a whole new light is highly entertaining.

What do you think of Miley's cover?


Photo via MarieClaire

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