5 Stars Who Need to Lay Off the Lip Injections (PHOTOS)

5 Stars Who Need to Lay Off the Lip Injections (PHOTOS)

taylor armstrongSomewhere along the line, lip injections became a thing. A really popular thing. And I really wish it hadn't.

It just grinds my gears to see beautiful, vivacious stars getting work done. More so when it's collagen injections. It's like, yeah, okay, I said pucker up but geez! I didn't mean it like THAT. I get your desire to make improvements (I'd like luscious lips, too), but I could never justify going through with it. I think that as you age, the unnaturally perky and lifted parts of your body -- like breast implants -- draw more attention. Maybe even unwanted attention.

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Point is, I vote NO for the fake, fuller, plumper lips. And here today to prove my point are five beautiful stars who should have skipped the collagen:

Would you ever go for lip injections?

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