Team USA Gymnasts’ Crystal-Encrusted Leotards Cost a Fortune -- But They’re Worth It

Gabby Douglas, Team USA GymnasticsGabby Douglas lookin' good.The gymnasts on Team USA, they be lookin' gooooood this year. No, I'm not just talking about during the floor exercises or swirling around the uneven bars. I'm talking those uniforms. So fitting, so bedazzled, so wham-bam we're here and we're gonna nail this -- don't you agree?

Well apparently, these uniforms cost quite the pretty penny. Adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals and made from a fabric called Mystique, each of the leotards costs between $400 and $500. Wowza! And get this: each member of Team USA gets eight of 'em. So do that math, carry the one, yup -- for five gymnasts, that's more than $2,500 in uniforms ... EACH.

Shoot girl. Treat yo' self, eh? Who says the ladies on Team USA are the only women who deserve classy workout swag, AMIRIGHT? Just because you're not performing on national TV doesn't mean you too shouldn't take the opportunity to spruce up your workout wardrobe. Can I get an amen!?


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OK, so I'm probably just as guilty at wearing junkie, inexpensive workout gear as the next lady. But gee, every damn day I walk by this Athletica store by my apartment, and every damn day I think about going inside and splurging for a cutesie little workout top with a fancy built-in bra. So what if it won't really support my girls?

Plain and simple: Gymnasts and regular Joe Shmoes like you and me both need good swag to sweat in. Why is that, you wonder? Well, nicer workout clothes encourage you to perform better. If you're feeling good about the way you look in a cute pair of yoga pants, then I guarantee you'll be a better yogi. It's just that simple. So take some inspiration from Team USA and splurge on that new sports bra. Report back to me and let me know how it goes.

Do you splurge on workout gear? Do you think it's important to look good while you sweat?


Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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