Blunt Bangs: Hot or Heinous?

Jessica BielFor years, I've been patiently waiting for the blunt bangs trend to die.

It's a hairstyle that drives me a little crazy, because a good 90 percent of the women who get it, in my opinion, would look far better with all that hair off their forehead.

And then Jessica Biel shows up in the look and looks ... well ... amazing.

I would never have thought it by looking at her, but this girl was BORN for blunt bangs.

Who knew?!

Celebrity angst aside, would you get blunt bangs, or is it time for this look to be on its way?

I think blunt bangs are one of the boldest style moves a woman can make, because there's a good chance they won't look great and if that's the case, there's not much the woman can do about it for a good six weeks.

It also seems to be one of those haircuts that you can't be sure your hair will "take" to. I know if I cut blunt bangs, they'd probably go in every direction. I have a couple of cowlicks that make bangs extremely difficult.

At the same time, every so often someone like Jessica Biel gets the look and I'm now convinced that she should wear nothing but blunt bangs for the rest of her life. In my opinion, this is far and away the best hairstyle she's ever had. Let's just hope it's Justin-approved!

I'm curious to know your opinions on blunt bangs. Do they mystify you as well? Do you have them? Did you have them? Do/did you love them or hate them?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Image via Splash News

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the4m... the4mutts

I have blunt bangs, and they look fantastic on me, if I do say so myself. I look at least 5 yrs younger, and it suits my face shape.

Jennifer Castleman

I did the blunt bangs last Fall for the first time at the suggestion of my hairstylist/best friend.  I loved them.  She cut them in a way where I could wear them straight down or swooped I had a little leeway.  I grew them out for the summer so I woudn't have bangs stuck to my sweaty forehead.  But come fall, they're coming back.  I love them.  I'm a brunette so I'll have the bangs and go super dark for the cooler months.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

They're ugly and I have never seen anyone that looks good with them. I had them in elementary school, mostly because my mother had no idea what to do with long hair, but I grew them out as soon as she would let me. At best you look like you are taking fashion tips from a six year old or you have bad forehead acne.

jmama... jmama0307

I have blunt bangs. I love it.

the4m... the4mutts

Rhonda- just because your mother didn't let you choose your own hair, doesn't mean you need to be an ass. Sorry you aren't one of those lucky people that looks good in different hairstyles, but not everyone is so unlucky.

Felly... FellyScarlett

I have them and they make me look damn sexy :)

Kediset Kediset

my mom tries to convince me to get bangs like this... not happening <_< just don't think it suits me. good on some people, not so much on others ;o

Pam Graves Brown

I have them. Bangs have been called the "poor woman's botox." When I first got them people told me I look five years younger. Kudos to the4mutts for her spot-on comment!

annis... annismom10

My mother gave them to me my whole childhood. Never again. My daughter will not get bangs until the day she asks. I looked like a moron growing mine out.

nonmember avatar Kaylie

I have blunt bangs and love love love them. They suit my face shape, and accentuate my cheek bones. I wear mine just above my brows, to show them off also so as not to hide my face (no forehead acne)

People who make ugly comments to things that are as trivial as a bang are simple and silly. Not everyone can pull off everything. That is why there are hundreds of different styles to choose from. Working it up in your mind a negativity to think passively to yourself when a cute walks by wearing it, only covers up your simple mind, insecurity, and your cowardice to say it to her face. Do you.....doing anything other than will only make you bitter.

Happy bangs!

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