6 Jaw-Dropping Wardrobe Malfunctions From the Games (VIDEOS)

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water polo wardrobe malfunctionWhen NBC televised the now infamous nip-slip moment, I wasn't really surprised. First of all, it's live television, and second of all, we're watching women tread water, score goals, and fight off their opponents as they go for the gold -- that's no easy feat. When you are working that hard, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen. I repeat: wardrobe malfunctions happen. All. The. Time. To everyone. And it's not just happening in London for the 2012 Summer Games. It's happened at Winter Games, past Summer Games, and to us common folk. Granted, you and I aren't walking around with 6.2 million peeps tuning in to see our every move, but still, they happen.

As cringe-worthy as they can be, it's a reminder that even our favorite elite athletes are just like us. Basically, Olympians are not exempt from a few embarrassing moments. And it just makes us love y'all a helluva lot more. 

Let's take a look at six of the biggest wardrobe malfunctions of the Games past and present, shall we?

1. Things got a little too up close & personal when the USA team made a big splash against Italy. As luck would have it, cameras just happened to be showing underwater coverage of this 2012 nip-slip.

2. In this vid, one of the straps break off Ekaterina Rubleva's perky and frilly pink dress as she twirls around the Winter Games arena. It's a mortifying moment (and you can see everything), but she still goes on to finish out the routine.

3. OK, full disclosure on this one. The camera's positioned at the rear, so you get a pretty vivid butt shot. Poor thing. It's just ... yikes!

4. Ricky Berens is just so adorably handsome that his booty-ful blunder makes me love him even more. Spoiler alert: there's a whole lotta bum in this clip.

5. Court phenom Venus Williams caught her falling tennis-top before it caused a big scene. Close one, V!

6. Here's what I would have been thinking if I were Jenifer Benitez during this suit mishap: "It's, like, back off guys and let me readjust my suit before I have to get up on that board and make Olympic history again, geeeez." It's only a little slip, but it's still on live TV.

Do you think these athletes should be embarrassed by their wardrobe hiccups? Or is it just a natural part of the Games?


Image via ImThatKindOfMan/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Krelia

I think being on television is the farthest thing from their minds when the actual competition is going on so I am not surprised, or relatively care, that there are "wardrobe malfunctions".

jessi... jessicasmom1

competion is what is on their minds

jessi... jessicasmom1

competion is what is on their minds

Chris... Christi183

really when your clothes are that tight and sometimes too small for what you've got, things like this are going to happen. schools have dress codes, the Olympics should too. we always talk about women who walk around with half their ass showing or their boobs about to fall out of their shirt, so why is it acceptable at such a high and competitive level? because of the sponsors? kids watch these games, so a bit of modesty among the suit designers would go a long way - particularly among the womens clothing. wedgie anyone?

mkamom mkamom

I agree 100% with Christi183

nonmember avatar Kelsey

Their clothing is tight for a reason: PERFORMANCE. I'd like to see you sprint 100m in a burka. If you really want to teach your children well, show them that it isn't necessary to be ashamed of your body. These athletes train their entire lives for a chance at that medal, I doubt they care if any part of their anatomy is revealed.

Rudy Davidge

I think this site is the one that should be embarassed by their purile and juvenile obsession with such trivialities as this.

nonmember avatar Dougs Momm

I don't think it's a big deal, after all, clothing at the Olympic Games is a relatively new invention. Folks sometimes forget that the Ancient Olympic Games went on from about 800 B.C. to around 400 A.D. and during those approximate 1,200 years the athletes competed completely nude. The Modern Olympic Games have only been going on since 1896 or about 116 years. In short, it will be about another 1,084 years before athletes even out that score by spending more time competing clothed vs totally nude at the Olympics.

livn4... livn4hevn

lol... that was funny. The looks on their faces... esp the ice skater. Poor girl!! I think part of the games or not, it's never cool to drop some nip on TV... I'm sure looking back they are mortified.

But hell, with a gold medal around your neck, no one is gonna give you crap for a nip slip or tear in your suit!!

Harleys R. Toofuknloud

The original Olympics were performed in the nude; if people are offended by the beautiful bodies of athletes then they need get some therapy. The lame website needs to get a life!

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