Kim Kardashian Shares Underwater Bikini Pics Because Of Course (VIDEO)

kim kardashian bikiniIt's like, how many times have you been relaxing by the pool with your family on a warm Sunday afternoon when you get the idea that you should turn this G-rated day into something a little more titillating, so you get in the pool and have your sister take sexy pics of you underwater? I mean, if I had a nickel for every time I've done that ... wow. I'd be so rich. Rich like Kim Kardashian, who, coincidentally, did the same thing this weekend and posted seductive, underwater bikini photos on Twitter, one of which included the caption, "Air needs me."

In another tweet, Kim lamented that Kylie blurred her out of the photo ... so there's that, too. Kylie, by the way, is looking fantastic, but I feel a little weird saying that because she's so young and because I don't want to encourage whatever Kardashian narcissism she may have in her DNA.

Kim looks incredible -- there's no denying it. Girl's body is ridiculous. I have to wonder, though, that if Kim took a dip in a bikini and no one was around to post the photo on Twitter, did it really happen?

Take a gander at Kimmy's sexy swim pics and sound off in the comments below -- should she continue to flaunt it because she's got it, or has her ego gotten out of control?

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PonyC... PonyChaser

Ok, I haven't even read the article, but honestly, Stir... don't you think it's time to fix the headlines? This one doesn't even make sense!!

"Kim Kardashian shares bikini photos because of course"

Because of course WHAT??? That doesn't even make sense if you're using "the vernacular". Honestly. English and Grammar teachers everywhere are quietly weeping.

the4m... the4mutts

Ugh. What do you care?

I have pictures of myself in a bathing suit right on my CM profile. Has my ego gotten out of control?

Fondue Fondue

"Air needs me"???  Yeah, her ego has gotten off its leash.

brand... brandspanknnew

The more I see her, the more unattractive she looks to me. Especially in the above picture.

tinyp... tinypossum

DESPERATE for attention, the whole trashy clan. When will they go away????

bb510 bb510

I am so sick of seeing that girls butt everywhere.

Stalcup Golla

What really wonders me is why people pretend no one has watched that sex tape of her? She's completely exposed and there's really nothing special about her bikini photos

nonmember avatar the daddy

there is no denying Kim is a volumptious sexy woman.. Wat man wouldnt load up tht pussy.. But wait till she has kids. tht ass will sagggg like lard. her only hope after kids is too slim up and lose some ass.. but really every major city u go too theres better pussy..

nonmember avatar trouble

The kardashians hv no real talent. They hv $ from their daddy n turned themselves into billboard something with ur lives.

nonmember avatar luvzombz

I'm so tired of her she so self centered. Courtney is a nut case her mom is a control freak and they molding the next line of self centered tv/modeling/clothing line/wackos. The only one I can stands is khloe.

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