Beyonce’s Insane Manicure Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

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beyonce nail artYou've heard of "nail art" before, but you've never really seen it taken to this level. Beyonce posted a photo of her extreme manicure, and let's just say, it's not nail art, it's a nail renaissance. With rhinestones, glitter, letters, and photos, this is the polish to end all polishes.

Queen B posted the pic to her Tumblr page and we haven't stopped talking about it since. My theory is that Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde did the manicure, which, you know, bend and snap and lol and everything.

Anyway, let's talk about her phalanges, k?

Beyonce has the letters J, Z, B, and N emblazoned on her nails, and it's pretty obvious (or is that just what she wants us to think!) what the J, Z, and B stand for, but what's with this rouge N? Did Ms. Coolidge forget that Beyonce's last name, Knowles, starts with a silent K? Or are the letters not initials at all, but rather New York City Subway lines? And where is the I for Ivy?

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Beyonce's nail art shall remain a mystery, I suppose, but before we end this conversation about Bey's generation-defining cuticles, let's just focus for a second on the photos. She has photos on her nails, I have calcium marks. (Someone told me that, I have no idea if that's what it's called, but it's the white spots in the middle of your nail.) What I wouldn't give to have portraits on my nails. So fabulous. Coincidence that there are five members of One Direction, and five fingers per hand? I think not.

What do you think of Beyonce's nail renaissance?

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Photo via IAmBeyonce/Tumblr



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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Those aren't Beyonce's nails; they belong to a fan. Beyonce liked the manicure so much she put a pic on her Tumblr.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm gob smacked. You wouldn't think anything could distract me from the extreme ugliness of her nails yet her weirdly chubby and lumpy fingers are doing the trick. Makeup is meant to enhance natural beauty and draw attention to your best features and this fails completely on both accounts. If your hands were that unattractive why would you draw further attention to them by doing something that ridiculous to your nails?

Heath... HeatherMazzone

These authors do like, NO research before writing these articles. You can even tell those aren't her hands. Come on now, have some coffee and try again. Lol.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Her hands or not, her manicure or not, they're hideous.

nonmember avatar Momma bird

Really?!?!? The writers of cafemom obviously have no experience or credibility nor the editor that let this be posted!! It is SOOOO obvious these are not Beyonces hands but that of a much lighter skinned, older women!

the4m... the4mutts

It means b&jz like; B 'N' JZ.

Those nails, are freaking amazing! I love them! I wouldn't get photos on my nails, but the little stones, and the detail... WOW!

But author, piss poor research on your part. Maybe you should figure out the entire story before writing about it. Lord, how do you people get paid for this?

vamom08 vamom08


vamom08 vamom08


banan... banana-bear

Rouge or rogue? Because one of those is blush, lol.

nonmember avatar kajenks

Eww..... that manicure made my flesh crawl! Also, it made me slightly angry that someone that old (based on the looks of their hands)could be that foolish!

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