5 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Have Gotten Nose Jobs (PHOTOS)

ashlee simpsonHollywood isn't the most forgiving of places when it comes to women's appearances. Leading ladies often feel pressure to be perfect -- Hollywood perfect -- so they resort to drastic things like going under the knife.

But "Hollywood perfect" doesn't necessarily mean better. In fact, we kind of like a little character in our ladies. It sets them apart from the rest. So here are 5 women we kind of wish never got nose jobs. We liked their schnozes as they were!

Ashlee Simpson. Perhaps her sister's fame put pressure on her to alter her appearance. But the nose formerly known as Ashlee's was truly a unique in Hollywood.


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson look better with their nose jobs. Ashley T's is a little pointy but still an improvement. Ashlee Simpson looks 10 times better now. Everybody else I agree with though

cmjaz cmjaz

Ashlee Simpson has one of the best nose jobs ever.

ldbc ldbc

I wish you would have put before and after pictures side by side.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Ashley Tisdale had hers done because of a deviated septum, not because she wanted it to look different. Some people do have plastic surgery for medical reasons.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Ashlee Simpson's nose job improved her looks ten fold. Jennifer Grey ruined her career with that nose job. Whatever career she had...

nonmember avatar PaigeR

I wish we could have seen before and after pics.

Torra... TorranceMom

Ashlee 100% made the right choice by getting a nose job.  She was cute with her old nose but she's gorgeous with the new one.

t0vanal t0vanal

I LOVE Ashlee Simpson's nose job.  It looks just right on her and it took her from looking pretty awkward but cute to grown up and gorgeous.  I didn't know why it was a controversy then and I'm not sure why it is being brought back up now. 

Stacey. Stacey.

As long as theyre happy it doesnt matter.

Malcolm Colledge

Ashley Tisdale NEEDED a nose job! That thing was huge!

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