5 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Have Gotten Nose Jobs (PHOTOS)

5 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Have Gotten Nose Jobs (PHOTOS)

ashlee simpsonHollywood isn't the most forgiving of places when it comes to women's appearances. Leading ladies often feel pressure to be perfect -- Hollywood perfect -- so they resort to drastic things like going under the knife.

But "Hollywood perfect" doesn't necessarily mean better. In fact, we kind of like a little character in our ladies. It sets them apart from the rest. So here are 5 women we kind of wish never got nose jobs. We liked their schnozes as they were!

Ashlee Simpson. Perhaps her sister's fame put pressure on her to alter her appearance. But the nose formerly known as Ashlee's was truly a unique in Hollywood.


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  • Jennifer Grey


    An obvious choice? Sure. But we can't help it. Jennifer Grey's old nose was so cute!

  • Ashley Tisdale


    Ashley's an adorable girl, but we thought her old nose was just perfect.

  • Kathy Griffin


    The funny lady doesn't even try to gloss over the fact that she's had work done -- and she does look pretty good. But her old nose just seemed to fit her personality more.

  • La Toya Jackson


    I mean, I don't think we're alone in thinking Miss Jackson shouldn't have undergone the knife. But, I guess, to each their own?

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