Jessica Biel's 'Total Recall' Premiere Look Is Totally Awesome

jessica bielYou know when people say they "literally die" for something and it's so annoying because it's like, you can only say that if you're dead, and if you're dead, you can't say anything? That saaaaaid, I literally die for Jessica Biel's Total Recall Los Angeles premiere look. Done, dying, dead. She looks so fucking awesome I can't help but curse. In her pink Christian Dior gown and Tom Binns jewelry, the soon-to-be Mrs. Justin Timberlake looked magnificent.

Jessica's really been killing it recently, and I think we've got a new style icon on our hands here. Look out Kate Middleton and Emma Stone, Jessica's on your well-appointed heels.


From Jessica's late night looks to her effortless street style ...

Oh, that reminds me. My sister saw Jess and JT one morning on an empty street in NYC. It was the day they were spotted looking at wedding rings. Anyway, sis reports that it was Jessica's hair that first caught her eye -- its shiny shimmeringness was so beautifully painful, it was like looking into the sun, she said. Sis confirmed that Jessica is the most beautiful person in the world and that Justin looks very slender in person and not at all as good looking as his fiance. Which, you know, good for him. But I digress.

Jessica chose a white lace Elie Saab dress for her movie's NYC premiere and, of course, looked gorgeous in that frock, as well. The girl can do wrong, it would seem, but perhaps the biggest style challenge of any woman is what she chooses to wear on her wedding day.

Rumor has it that Jessica and Justin are getting married in a matter of weeks -- cannot wait to see photos of Jessica in her wedding gown. She'll be an inspiration, I'm sure.

Are you literally dying over Jessica's style selections these days?


Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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