Tanning Mom Stops Tanning and Feels ‘Weird’ (VIDEO)

tanning momYou remember the Tanning Mom, right? Well, she's now Normal-to-Still-Mostly-Tan Mom. In Touch asked her to not tan for a whole month, and reported on her progress. Real name Patricia Krentcil, she actually went the full 30 days sans UV rays and lived to tell. She admitted she'd been tanning up to 4 or 5 times a week, which, to be honest, I thought that sentence was going to end with "a day" judging by her jack-o-lantern glow, but no, just 4 to 5 times a week.

Aaaanyway, Krentcil still used tanning lotion during her hiatus from the booth and assures readers that she wasn't "addicted" to tanning, it's just something she felt like she needed to do.

And now?


Not-As-Tan Mom says that she feels a little weird and pale, which, OK, I get. I mean, if I had to stop drinking coffee every day for a month and then someone asked me how I felt, I bet I'd say I feel fantastic for being released from the clutches of a caffeine addiction. Wait. That's not what she said at all. Never mind.

Tanning Mom's lack of enthusiasm about being cut off from her source makes me think that now that this stunt is over, she's hitting up the blue-lit booths all over again, trying to get her fix.

They say you can't stop until you want to stop -- maybe this wasn't Tanning Mom's time. But kudos to her for monetizing a respite from tanning. I hope her 5-year-old daughter learns something here. Maybe she can take away that if you want to make a change to an unhealthy habit, you can. Or maybe she'll learn that bad habits lead to press, press leads to attention, and that you can leverage that attention into dolla dolla bills.

Either or.

Thoughts on Tanning Mom?

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