Plus-Sized Model Proves Sexy Lingerie Isn't Just for Skinny Girls

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Robyn LawleyWearing frilly lingerie can do wonders as far as making women feel sexy, but considering most of the lingerie ads we see show pin-thin models without the slightest curve or imperfection, sometimes it's hard not to associate lingerie with picture perfect bodies.

But now that plus-sized Australian model Robyn Lawley has been named the new face of U.K. lingerie line, Boux Avenue, there's living proof that looking sexy in the bedroom most definitely doesn't have a size requirement. And believe it or not, Robyn is a size 16 -- though she doesn't exactly look "plus-sized" in this ad.

If anything, she looks like your average, normal, everyday woman -- which is exactly what we need to see more of on billboards and in the pages of magazines and catalogs.

Of representing the brand, Robyn said, "I am delighted to be chosen as the face and body of Boux Avenue lingerie. The brand is striving to promote a healthy body image and their size range reflects this."

No matter how many times I tell myself that the models I see in photos are probably airbrushed, I still can't help but feel like I could never possibly be as sexy in a bra and panties because my body isn't exactly smooth and flawless. I consider myself to be a pretty average sized woman, but seeing models who look like they'd blow right over if the slightest wind gust hit them always makes me feel like I need to tone up and shed a few pounds before digging the fun stuff out of my lingerie drawer.

However, when I look at this photo of Robyn Lawley, I'm struck by how beautiful she looks, and how her shape so much more closely resembles my own (minus the boobs) -- and her ad makes me think I might be able to pull off undergarments like that without feeling self-conscious.

And you know what else? I'm much more likely to buy something if I think it will actually look good on me -- and I'm sure most women feel the same way.

Hopefully some of the bigger lingerie brands in the United States will take note and realize that they have to be willing to embrace women of all shapes and sizes if they want to please the masses and keep us coming back for more.

Do you wear lingerie -- and are you confident wearing it?


Image via Boux Avenue

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wjbra... wjbrady2011

I think its funny how you referred to a woman who is pencil.thin and has no.curves as having a perfect body. No thank you! I have no desire to look like that. And i have cute underwear but i dont really get into lingerie that much. My hubby isnt into it. He just prefers My birthday suit. And theres no way shes a,size 16.,they must have different sizes where shes from.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

A 16 in the UK is about a 10 in the US and she is 6'2". A size 10 at 6'2" isn't even close to plus size, if she were much skinnier she would be underweight.

kelly... kelly24019

Plus sized my ass...

nonmember avatar Shelly

I think that us probably what a size 16 is supposed to look like. (As far as body size, not type.)

jhslove jhslove

As RhondaVeggie said, UK sizes and US sizes are different. And what looks bigger at a certain size depends on your height. She's tall, so at an American size 10 she looks fit and beautiful. I'm five feet tall, and at a size 10 I would technically be obese. I feel and look my best when I'm at an American size 2-4. Clothing sizes are definitely not one-size-fits-all when you throw height into the mix!

cocob... cocobeannns

Well, regardless of what number is printed on her lingerie, I think she's stunning and looks healthy, like real women should.

nonmember avatar KT

Is the woman in the pictures suppoed to be plus size???

nonmember avatar Michelle

RhondaVeggie is absolutely correct. But funny thing is, this woman looks AVERAGE! Plus size? What do they consider FAT in the UK? I hate this trend of labeling anything that isn't anorexic as "plus size".

stork... storkneedsgps

She's so not plus size! She just looks healthy and normal

nonmember avatar guest

Okay, all you overweight & obese women always calling yourself "curvy," THIS is CURVY!!! See the difference?

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