Kelly Ripa's Kids Tell Her When She Needs Botox

kelly ripaWant to know how Kelly Ripa knows it's time for a round o' Botox? Her kids tell her! This past weekend, the pint-sized Live! With Kelly host was overheard spilling her beauty secrets in, where else, the Hamptons, saying: "I work out absolutely every day. I don't overeat. I try to drink water but I prefer wine, and when all else fails, I get Botox injected right here, right into my forehead, as much as possible."

Now. Wanna know how Kelly Ripa's kids tell her it's time for a round o' Botox?


They say, "Mommy, Mommy, your nasolabial folds are looking particularly deep today! Maybe it's time for something non-invasive!"

I kid. They think their mom is mad at them. Ripa said: "Oh, you know when you really need [Botox]? When my kids start asking me if I'm mad at them, and I go, 'Why do you think I'm mad at you?' They go, 'Because you're frowning.' I go, 'Oh no! I am? I'll be right back!' Give me [dermatologist] Dr. Brant: He's the best, he is my real husband."

Now, there's sure to be some people who find Ripa's remarks kind of, I dunno, icky, but me? I love 'em. Most women in Hollywood get "work" done, they just don't admit it. I think it's cool when famous ladies are willing to admit the truth; willing to admit that they're not 100 percent au naturel; willing to admit that their lineless faces aren't the product of subsisting on a diet solely of hydraulically pressed juices from Organic Avenue. I think it's cool because who cares? It's their faces. They can do what they want with them. If you're not into injecting what may or may not be poison into your face, don't inject what may or may not be poison into your face.

It gets weird when celebs don't admit that they've had something done -- when clearly they have (which, not saying this is the case with Ripa). I mean, I understand why they wouldn't want to -- the vanity of it all is kind of embarrassing -- but it sends a warped, contradictory message. Not to mention it makes us townspeople feel crappy for not looking quite as fantastic "naturally."

So, Kelly, respect for admitting that you go occasionally go under the needle. You look fantastic. And I'm sure you would just the same if you didn't.

What do you think about celebrities not admitting they've had work done? Does it bother you? Are you cool with it? Could you care less?

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