Wear a Bathing Suit That Matches Your Book & Turn Heads on Vacation

Bikinis When I go on vacation in the summer, I only have two major concerns. The first, naturally, is what bikini or bathing suit I will wear, and the second is this: how many books can I cram into a one-week period? There is no doubt that bikinis and books come together to make the best possible memories on the beach.

It was just a matter of time before some genius came up with the idea of putting the two together. Matchbook.Nu is a genius Tumblr that married bathing suits with literature. Some are trashy, some are high brow, and all are awesome and creative and fun. I dare you NOT to try this on your next poolside trip.

See a few of my favorite looks and books below:

Image via Matchbook

  • Prep


    Image via Matchbook


    This is a great book that naturally lends itself to a bikini. I love everything about it and it's the perfect beach book, to boot. Grab yourself a preppy G&T and enjoy!

  • Infinite Jest


    Image via Matchbook

    This might be a little deep for the beach, but the bikini is cute. Besides, it will make you smarter and David Foster Wallace is definitely required reading if you want to be an intellectual.

  • Vonnegut Suit


    Image via Matchbook

    Kurt Vonnegut wasn't known for his hot, steamy beach reading, but apparently his bathing suit is a good one. I love it. Go in style!


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