9 Beautiful Stars Who Shouldn't Leave Home Without a Bra (PHOTOS)

braI just don't get the whole concept of going braless. I'll admit, I'm one of those girls who comes home at the end of the day and looks forward to taking off my bra. Ah, the ultimate relaxation. But when I'm out in the working world, though, it's a totally different story. I'm a big believer that a bra is always a must. Truth is, I'm just more comfortable wearing a bra.

The added support is like a personal little pick-me-up and I never have to worry about a nip-slip. Never. That is a no-no, no matter who you are. But some of my favorite stars clearly disagree. I'm not talking about the fresh off the bus, wannabe starlet who hasn't earned enough to hire a stylist. I mean the biggest names in the biz. Yes folks, super famous free-boobers. I love their work, but their style could use a little lift -- if ya know what I mean. Check out nine stars who need to strap one on.

Do you think you should always wear a bra before you leave the house? Or do you think it's okay to leave home without one?


Image via Helga Weber/Flickr


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wjbra... wjbrady2011

This is a stupid article. Guess what? Boobs sag. None of those are even that bad compared to some women ive seen. Normal women's boobs sag as they age. im only 21 and My breasts ard huge after having My son and im still nursing him. He just turned one. They sag a little. Yet My husband cant even look at me naked without getting a raging boner. Way to write an article that makes you sound like yet another superficial image obsessed woman. boobs sagging a little is part of life. maybe ill get a breast lift when im older. Maybe i wont. Either way i am still happy with My body and overall appearance

seren... serenitynow11

 So some women choose not to wear a bra and are not surgically altered or genetically gifted and they get made fun of? I understand this is supposed to be "funny" and it is in the best interest of these women to wear a bra, but since when is demeaning women and rating their breasts comedy? NEXT.

nonmember avatar Momofbug

Really? So if women don't have perky, sitting just below their chin, surgically altered boobs we should all wear turtlenecks all the time? Do we bring back corsets to keep the girls in check?
Sounds like a great big saggy case of jealousy to me!

mlehto79 mlehto79

I have had 2 kids and yes my breast are lower than in HS, but only like 3 of the women you named are actually slighty sagging, the rest were just braless. Obviously you are just insecure about your own bustline so you have to pick on others. This article was pathetic.

nonmember avatar Shelly

Officially one of the most pointless articles EVER on this site. Seriously, WHY??!!!!!

Kimbyann Kimbyann

Wtf are you expecting? I agree with mlehto

Smerk... Smerkalot

Once again... way to show what an evil witch you are.  That was reeking of ugliness.  Pretty sure that's what NATURAL LARGE BREASTS look like, maybe if you had some, you'd know.  And by the way --- the first picture to have in your slideshow?  Really?  I can't honestly think of a time Jessica Simpson looked more radiant, or her boobs better!  She makes me wanna jump her! yowza.

nonmember avatar Ashley

So... I made the mistake of reading this article thinking, I don't know, that perhaps the writer, with a headline like that, would probably talk about awesome older actresses in Hollywood who are awesome, though their boobs have seen better days; alas, it was not awesome, it was not funny, it was pretty stupid. I don't usually comment here, especially on articles I don't agree with, but this one was just so shallow and ridiculous that I HAVE to comment so it feels like my time reading this garbage feels somewhat productive. May your "perky B" cups succumb to gravity, (just like the rest of us women), and may someone poorer than you publicly profess their jealousy of your success and riches on a public forum by commenting on the failing elasticity of the skin surrounding your mammary glands. Cheers.

nonmember avatar Vikki

There's few things that I abhor as much as a woman making degrading remarks about another woman's body... It's bad enough that men judge us & we so harshly judge ourselves. Are you so brainwashed by airbrushed images in the media that you forgot what a woman's breast looks like?

stork... storkneedsgps

None of this women looked bad, they looked natural. Your comment comparing your perky b cups, however, makes you look like a jerk. No wonder you don't know what large boobs look like, you're flat!

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