9 Beautiful Stars Who Shouldn't Leave Home Without a Bra (PHOTOS)

braI just don't get the whole concept of going braless. I'll admit, I'm one of those girls who comes home at the end of the day and looks forward to taking off my bra. Ah, the ultimate relaxation. But when I'm out in the working world, though, it's a totally different story. I'm a big believer that a bra is always a must. Truth is, I'm just more comfortable wearing a bra.

The added support is like a personal little pick-me-up and I never have to worry about a nip-slip. Never. That is a no-no, no matter who you are. But some of my favorite stars clearly disagree. I'm not talking about the fresh off the bus, wannabe starlet who hasn't earned enough to hire a stylist. I mean the biggest names in the biz. Yes folks, super famous free-boobers. I love their work, but their style could use a little lift -- if ya know what I mean. Check out nine stars who need to strap one on.

Do you think you should always wear a bra before you leave the house? Or do you think it's okay to leave home without one?


Image via Helga Weber/Flickr


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count... countrygirl670

Kylie, you must be pretty young- so young that you don't have any idea what normal non-implanted breasts look like.  That's a shame.  I feel bad for young girls these days because so many of them think those ridiculous hard-looking balloons look good, and normal.  Its like some strange version of the Emperor's New Clothes.  Anyhoo, keep hanging on to those perky B cups for dear life. But do know that B cups sag- and saggy, tiny tits are barely worth a mention.  Whereas when I deign to take my hoisted up D-cups out for a stroll, they still cause a minor sensation!

nonmember avatar Marcken

So once again the media points out women's imperfections. No wonder young girls have such bad body images because the media tells us if we are not skinny, nipped, tucked and lifted we are not beautiful. They should be pointing out how beautiful women are in all shapes and size. We are all beautiful in our own way.

Smmeyn Smmeyn


elism... elismom65

To find this On a site Created to Support women and mothers makes me physically ill, As if we aren't judged enough by men, now let's point out the flaws in each other as well!!! NONE OF THESE BREASTS were terrifying or nightmare inducing..and Even if they were as Saggy as the day is long, THAT IS PART OF BEING A WOMAN, not all of us can afford or want Breast-lifts and If nursing my son Makes my "PitTits" Wobble To and Fro, SO BE IT! You give women a Bad name and you should be taken out and shot right through one of your "perky B cups" straight through to your judgemental, Misogynistic , ignorant and Shallow heart.  THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE. *Squirts you in the face with breast-milk* 

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I love how you reposted this minus the snarky paragraphs and catty comments on the pictures. Shame the changes don't make you any less of a judging bitch.

Miche... Michelephant

I vote they remove this watered down version of the bitch-fest that occured two weeks ago.  

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Seconded. The original version was just downright cruel, and this ''you go girl!'' version is just plain nauseating.

nonmember avatar meghan

Is this repost supposed to be an improvement? I don't think so.

nonmember avatar em

really really wow i am now going to take my bra off and enjoy the natural sag of my breasts

nonmember avatar Ram

I don't see anything wrong with these women, and I don't think any men would either. Why are women so mean about other women's looks? Although going by the comments not many appreciate this kind of article.

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