9 Beautiful Stars Who Shouldn't Leave Home Without a Bra (PHOTOS)

braI just don't get the whole concept of going braless. I'll admit, I'm one of those girls who comes home at the end of the day and looks forward to taking off my bra. Ah, the ultimate relaxation. But when I'm out in the working world, though, it's a totally different story. I'm a big believer that a bra is always a must. Truth is, I'm just more comfortable wearing a bra.

The added support is like a personal little pick-me-up and I never have to worry about a nip-slip. Never. That is a no-no, no matter who you are. But some of my favorite stars clearly disagree. I'm not talking about the fresh off the bus, wannabe starlet who hasn't earned enough to hire a stylist. I mean the biggest names in the biz. Yes folks, super famous free-boobers. I love their work, but their style could use a little lift -- if ya know what I mean. Check out nine stars who need to strap one on.

Do you think you should always wear a bra before you leave the house? Or do you think it's okay to leave home without one?


Image via Helga Weber/Flickr


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alisa... alisabethjaimes

I'd rather have these ladies' nice, "saggy" boobs than my own, barely there but "perky" pair of tits.

Cat B'man

You can have perk or you can have size, usually the two don't go hand in hand, unless you are really really lucky (which fyi is really really RARE) or your boobs are fake. Just saying. A little bit of sag is normal.

I used to have "perky b cups" and I loved that, but you know what I love just as equally? My cleavage rocking post pregnancy D cups. (Not so dissimilar to one of these pics actually). So what if I can hold a pencil under them now? That isn't a big deal, and that isn't a major sag by a long shot. Honestly I like my boobs because they are mine and they please me, I'm the most important person,even hubs comes 2nd, I'm the ONLY person they HAVE to please.

Nonmember Nora, way to take the high ground. *eyerolling sarcasm*

Ghostbaby, you clearly have self esteem issues. OK if you have huge GG's you may well sag more than is considered normal but why should that be a problem? As long as you are happy and healthy with yourself that's all that matters. And confidence is far more sexy.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Hmmm, me thinks Kylie has an unnatural obsession with women's chests.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

what a b*tchy article! I didnt even make it past the 3rd picture & just stopped bcus its ridiculous. As if its not enough that men judge us & make fun of us about our saggy boobs, or we judge ouselves...we have to worry about women like you. Keep youre perky Bs. 27yrs old/DDD/1 kid-yeah my boobs sag. but like the first poster, it doesnt seem to change the way my man feels. alot of men would rather natural & some sag than perky but fake.

nonmember avatar mimi

I scrolled down to look at all the comments here and I guess I am the only one the laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and nearly fell out of my chair. Not at the pictures, at the names- watermelon in a tube sock- never heard that one. Rocketrags- I nearly died. I am over 40 and have 2 kids I nursed for a year and still look pretty good. They're just tits. Get over yourselves.

jen1130 jen1130

Like everyone else I think this was a stupid way to bash these women.

What would be said about your cafemom members if you think these boob's sag enough to bash them for their "imperfect"

Bodies.....way to go.

Jamie... JamieleeB

this is the worst article I have ever read, and not because my boobs sag either....Who the hell cares how "low" their boobs go? they look like beautiful normal women to me.

nonmember avatar guest

I'm officially sad for you, Kiri, and not just because you have a stupid, cheesy name like Kiri. The fact that you are this insecure about normal women's bodies mean your life is only going to get more and more miserable as you age. Most of us get comfortable in our skin as we get older and enjoy the best parts of life. You will be one of the sad ones getting terrible plastic surgery and embarassing your daughter and yourself squeezing into her clothes and still chasing after immature men who only want pretty young things. I pity you.

nonmember avatar guest

Oops, make that stupid, cheesy name like Kylie. Sorry for getting you confused with another blogger with a bimbo name

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