Ryan Lochte Thinks Women Look Hottest in WHAT?!

ryan lochteLadies love Ryan Lochte. And Ryan Lochte loves what on a woman? The (possibly?) most-watched Olympian recently sat down with Women's Health for a quick interview, where he revealed what he thinks -- and probably only he thinks -- is the sexiest thing on a woman.

Seriously, it's really weird, dude.


When posed with the open-ended question: "Women look hottest in _____", Lochte answered with: "One of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all. The second sexiest thing: white jeans."

White jeans? I totally get the "long-sleeved button-down shirt" thing -- despite there being something inherently '80s about it, it's a classic dude answer. But white jeans? Random.

I'm a huge fan of white pants. Big believer in considering them a warm weather vacation-staple. So resort wear-y. But I never thought of them -- particularly in jeans form -- as something that men were into. I mean, I could see them as being something that a guy would realize he liked upon seeing them on a woman. But having "white jeans" ready in the chamber as an answer to "what do women look hottest in"? Surprising.

While we're on the subject of white pants, though, can we discuss fit for a second? I don't think I'm alone in thinking that if any item of clothing needs to fit properly, white pants are it. When too big, they can look frumpy; when too tight, well, you know; but when just right, they really are super sexy.

So I guess maybe Ryan was on to something. Still, though. Weird.

Thoughts on white pants?



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