Best Idea Ever: Sleepwear for Daytime!

Soma IntimatesLike any mom, I love feeling stylish, but I also have to be realistic. Being a work-at-home mom means that my typical "work" uniform has to be ultra-casual and definitely machine washable.

In fact, sometimes my life is so distinctly un-glamorous that it seems like a waste of time to get out of my PJs at all. And now, I don't have to!

People! I've found nightgowns for daytime! Nightgowns that look like real clothes! Really CUTE clothes! I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS.

Click through to see what I've discovered!

First, the backstory.

I was at the mall a month or two ago and stopped in Soma Intimates for the first time. I had never been in the store before, but I'd seen some cute things there online and was hoping to score some new loungewear.

Instead, I saw what looked to be ... dresses.

I looked more closely. They were dresses, all right. BUT THEY WERE MADE OUT OF NIGHTGOWN MATERIAL.


Soma Intimates

Check out this drape front dress (Soma Intimates, $69), for example. Wear it to work. Wear it out. AND THEN GO TO SLEEP IN IT. I DARE YOU.


Soma Intimates

Looking for something a little sexier? I really like this surplus halter dress (Soma Intimates, $59). It's sultry yet comfy. Sultry yet comfy?! Is that even possible?!


Soma Intimates

I bought a dress similar to this andie maxi dress (Soma Intimates, $79) and I'm actually wearing it right now. Yep, it feels like I'm wearing a nightgown. Yep, it looks like a dress.

In general, I realize this idea is nothing new. Gap Body's loungewear is basically the same concept -- comfortable, flowy pants and tops that are soft enough to sleep in.

But this is the first time I've seen the concept applied to dresses. And for moms? I'M LOVIN' IT.

How about you?


Images via Soma Intimates

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Shandi80 Shandi80

Ok, these are super cute. I have been looking for attractive nightgowns for a long time, thanks!! :D

nonmember avatar Aimee

They are super cute, but walmart sells similar styles for about a third of the price. More power to you If you can afford $75 pajamas, but that's waaaaay out of my budget!

Shandi80 Shandi80

Aimee, really? I cannot ever find cute sleep wear at Walmart or Kmart! I am on a budget, too, but I would consider splurging on a cute nightgown that I know would last awhile.


Lindsay! Glad to see a fashion article!!

Love these "gowns"

nonmember avatar jane

i have a nightdress from Kmart that I wear to work, lol. Cost me $12 only!

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I should add that the fabric washes very well, too. No pilling!

nonmember avatar Brandy

I love Soma! I discovered them earlier this year. I have two nightgowns from there and a dress. All are comfy and I feel pretty when I wear them.

mommy... mommybeartoo

What about a Wizard Robe:


Saphr... SaphronScribble

dude check out pajama jeans, same concept! i LOVE my PJ Jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Graves Brown

I love Soma. I also bought some night shirts from Target that I wear with leggings. As Lindsay likes to remind us, "leggings are not pants!" I add a scarf to my nightshirt/legging ensemble and I'm good to go. I agree with KBW2. I've missed the fashion posts.

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