Swap Your Dull Denim Skirt for These 5 Fresh Styles

skirtJean skirts. The most hideous, heinous fashion faux pas of the '90s lives on, defying all logic. Have YOU seen anyone above the age of 18 rocking the terrible, tear-jerking trend? Yeah ... didn't think so. Even fashion houses have taken a hint and dialed back on the once-was, never-will-be-again trend.  And with all the fun, floral, bodycon, maxi, and high-low skirt styles hitting the mark this season, it's no wonder denim's days are numbered.

I say good riddance to you, ill-fitting, frayed, and unflattering jean skirts. May you rot in the perils of bad fashion purgatory for all the years of your chambray life. May we never see your bad style on an upward swing ever again. OK, maybe a little harsh. Whatever. Point is, I'm glad to see the fashion go and ready to welcome what's come in its place: Fashionable, feminine, retro, slimming skirts. Aw sheeeeeet mane.

Here's a sneak peek at five of these hot skirts. Go on and have a look.


What do you think? Are jean skirts a thing of the past?

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Image via ...love Maegan/Flickr

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