6 Pairs of Shorts You Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead in at Work (PHOTOS)

shortsWhen it comes to business casual, it's a definite do for me. First off: who has the budget for a business professional wardrobe? (Be honest, 'cause I sure as hell DON'T.) And secondly, I'm more than happy to be seated in front of my computer all day in an outfit that's comfortable -- pretty sure I work better that way anyway. But there's a way to wear the look well and then there's a way to wear it that just ruins it for the rest of us. Like ... really? Your pajama shirt? To the office? There's nothing more irksome than short shorts, ripped shorts, spandex shorts making their ugly way into the office. Those are mistakes no woman should make.

Not sure about which thigh-baring looks to avoid? May I present you with the 6 worst ways to wear shorts in the office. You can't say I didn't warn you ...

Do you think shorts are appropriate for work?

Image via ...love Maegan/Flickr

  • Statement Shorts


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    The statement you're making says, "Fire me! Fire me now!"

  • Destroyed Denim


    Image via Forever21

    For a casual Friday, maybe the length of these shorts would be acceptable, but the frayed holes are just a bit too tacky for the office.

  • Spandex Spanx


    Image via Forever21

    OK, be honest: Was there any part of you that would even remotely consider wearing these shorts to work?

  • DIY Cut-Offs


    Image via theogeo/Flickr


    Leave the DIY projects for home, especially when they involve your pants. Cut-offs are an awesome way to repurpose old jeans, but they sure as hell won't help repurpose your career.

  • Gym Shorts


    Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr


    We get that you're physically fit and you like to run/bike/bobsled to the office. But bring a change of pants. Although nothing says 'hardworker' quite like a SwampAss seat stain.

  • Short Shorts


    Image via shlala/Flickr


    I can't think of a time short shorts are ever really acceptable. Not sure about you, but I feel much better not knowing where your buttcrack begins.

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