Michelle Obama Almost Scores a Perfect 10 With Her Olympics Outfits (PHOTOS)

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama is fantastic for so many reasons. She's smart; well-spoken; she seems like she has a good sense of humor. And of course, she's stylish. Since becoming the First Lady of the United States, we have rarely seen Michelle in anything but complete sartorial splendor, and we love it. (Also, even before she became First Lady.) Perfectly tailored dresses, flattering bright patterns, and crisp white shirts with nary a crease in sight are what we think of when we thinking of Mrs. Obama, right?

Except when we don't.

The FLOTUS is currently showing her support for Team USA at the 2012 Olympics, and while most of her cheering attire is gorgeous, as expected (see photo above), some of it ... isn't (see photo below).


mobamaWhile Michelle's choice of outfit to the swim meet is a far cry from "fashion disaster," I've got to be honest here, I'm not loving that shirt -- and I really can't pinpoint why. It's almost as if it's either too formal or too casual for the occasion. Something about it just doesn't go. I mean, it would be weird to see her totally gussied up, as it's a sporting event, but her gingham skirt and cardigan -- a much "dressier" outfit -- seem to make more sense than what she's wearing here. But at the same time, she would have looked just as good in a polo shirt and pants. Something about it feels too "businessy" for the Olympics, like she should throw a black blazer on over it, you know what I mean? I don't know. Am I making any sense?

Weird sleeveless shirt aside, though, I look forward to seeing what MObama wears for the remainder of the games. I certainly don't expect to see another fashion faux pas (if you can even call this that). That would be unprecedented.

Do you like Michelle's sleeveless top?


Image via Twitter/Pacific Coast News

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