Is Snooki's Crazy-Big Tattoo Better Than JWoww's? (PHOTOS)


jwoww tattooThere's a lot to talk about when it comes to JWoww's and Snooki's senses of style -- there's the hair, the makeup, the "clothing", the accessories -- but for this one post, let's just focus on their ink. Both Jenni and Nicole have at least one big, in your face tattoo, so I think it's only fair that we pit best friend against best friend in a battle for the worthless prize of being named the roommate with the least terrible tattoo. I mean, you can't really call it the "best tattoo" because it's like choosing the lesser of two evils.

So, let's get ready to rumble. In the first corner, weighing in around a buck, we have Snooki with her "crowned bow" tattoo. In the other corner, weighing in around a buck fifteen, we've got JWoww and her tiger tat. And, go!

jwoww tattooSnooki's tattoo has everything a Seaside lady could want -- the crown says "I'm a princess" while the accompanying bow says "Yup, definitely a girly, high-maintenance princess." The gold and hot pink color scheme reaffirms that this woman considers herself, without a shadow of doubt, Jersey Shore royalty.

JWoww's got a tiger crawling down her leg, which screams "I'm a sex kitten, purrrr" and hisses "I will cut you if you piss me off." In the wrong crowd, Jenni's ink might erroneously peg her as a Detroit native who's a fan of baseball, or someone who was really into the wrestling plot lines of Saved by the Bell as a kid, but that's probably a risk she was willing to take.

To me, the lady with the least terrible tattoo is ... Snooki. Or JWoww. I can't choose. They're both pretty bad. But hey, if they like them, that's all that matters. Well, that, and tattoo removal technology is getting more and more advanced by the day.

Do you like Snooki's and/or JWoww's tattoos?


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Mandago Mandago

I like them both. They fit their owners' personalities, they're well-done, and they're easy to cover with clothing. I wouldn't get either one, but that isn't part of my criteria for a good tattoo.

Diamo... DiamondLove21


aReal... aRealteenMother

So.. was this whole article's purpose for you to say you hate both their tattoos?

babyl... babylove2024

I personally don't watch their shows but I like Jenni's more because it is in a spot that isn't shown all the time (I think...).  I wouldn't get something so big on my arm.

inlov... inlovewithcraig

i od not like the psot jenni has it in...she has beautiful legs and she fucked them all uo with that

Tekoah Ferro

well said arealteenmother... article's is pretty poorly written and as if it was so she could give her stuffy opinion that she dislikes tattoos..There was no conclusion, just a one sided opinion...They aren't royalty or socialites, they are jersey shore broads.. I like them.  They are very well done, and also fitting...


Stephiikay Streight

i personally love how this blogger does nothing but bash people NOT!!!!

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