Kendall Jenner's Latest Modeling Gig Confirms Kim Kardashian's Suspicion

kendall jenner

It was on a semi-recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Kim said something along the lines of how half-sister Kendall Jenner is the prettiest of them all. She then went on to say that Kourtney's the smartest, that Khloe's the funniest, and that she is the, womp womp, stupidest. I'm not going to try and disagree with Kim here, she speaks some truth. And if this new ad campaign for Los Angeles' Fashion's Night Out is any indication, Kendall might, in fact, really be the best looking in the family. Ok ok, everyone's gorgeous and all that matters is what's inside and all that stuff, but come on, you can't deny that Kendall looks flawless in this pic.

We've seen Kendall model before, she's done campaigns for Forever 21 and we saw her walk the runway in a Sherri Hill fashion show, not to mention all those glamour shots of her frolicking in the sand, but this FNO ad looks legit. She looks like a real model, and not some pretty teen who was put in some ads because of her family's notoriety.

If Kendall keeps this up, she can have a successful career all on her own. Well, we know her mom is going to push her to pursue any and all money-making ventures, but at least it seems that Kendall's got the talent to be one of America's next top models. Not that that's a subliminal message to her, or anything.

The last thing she needs is for her mom to try and change Kendall's last name to Kardashian. Because, come on, you know Kris has considered it. That would be abominable.

What do you think of Kendall's modeling career?


Photo via Moshe + Eddie Brakha

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Worki... WorkingMom8479

Every other article is about the Kardashians...

nonmember avatar ruthless1

Are we looking at the same picture? Flawless?That big old hand in front looks like a baseball mitt or a paw that was photoshopped on...freaky-scary.

nonmember avatar HS

Aren't there 2 younger half-sisters? Wonder what the other one's category in the family is? Invisible?

dreamsky dreamsky

She's gorgeous.... :(

DritaF DritaF

IMO Kim is the best looking . . . hands down.

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Pic is def photoshopped. I know she's tall but cmon her legs aren't THAT Long lol. I think Kylie, the youngest sister, is the prettiest hands down

Sidthe Sidthe


there... theresaphilly

I didn't know she had one


hope_... hope_love_dream

photoshop all the way. and kris needs to quit whoring out her girls

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

Seriously are all crying "photoshop?" Get real!.... ALL modeling and ad photos are  photoshopped!

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