5 Boob Boosting Bras That Are Better Than Implants

victoria secret braI don't think I'd ever have the balls to get breast implants. How would I tell my parents? Take off work? Or explain to my grandfather, No, poppy, I cannot pass you the butter. Truth is, I got my boobs done and my doctor prohibited me from reaching further than an arm's distance away. It's just ... not in the cards for me, I'm afraid.

But if a C, D -- or dare I say bigger -- rack is something that you aspire to have, well goooodie 'cause I've got something to tell y'all big boobed dreamers: At the bottom of this post lies the secret to a bigger, fuller bust.

A ridicously great push-up bra. Now before you comment on my stroke of sheer genius I've got to tell you that I'm not the first to come forward with this amazing idea nor will I be the last. Manipulating our breast sizes will likely be in our genes for forever and the rest of all time. So that's good news, right?

Here are five groundbreaking tips to double your cup size and add that extra oomph to your bust line. Go on, take a look ...


Do you wear a push-up bra?


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Zamaria Zamaria

I don't wear them unless I'm wearing a special occasion dress or something. The best bra for me is a Coobie bra. They give me great support and they're comfortable. My back doesn't hurt anymore since I started wearing them.

Miche... Michelephant

I tried on the victorias secret bra that increases your cup size. It was a little uncomfortable and it was weird to have my boobs up by my chin. Oh and since all it does is squish your own boon up, be prepared for some nip slips.

theba... thebailiffs

Why are they showing women with implants on all of these pictures?

Taisie Taisie

You could have at least told us what brand and style these bras were, as this article stands, they're just useless pics of bras...

squir... squirrelml

I think that a man should have to wear the bra they invent,and see how uncomfortable some bras really are. I dont enjoy putting my girls(breaats)in something tight just to please other people. I've also heard of people wearing a smaller bra to make their breasts look bigger.

I'm not in favor of push-up bras-way too uncomfortable for me,since I have a bigger chest already,wearing a push-up bra would only give me a back ache.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I love pushup bras. I wear one almost every day. And I agree with Taisie. Wasn't the point of this article to tell us what bras are best? Can't do much with only pictures and no descriptions.


What Taisie said.

nonmember avatar angie

isn't it obvious that they are Victorias secret bras? i mean the pic says Victorias secret and if you click on that it takes you right to the page with prices and everything

wjbra... wjbrady2011

Padded bras are for insecure women. Plus its false advertising. I have a bit bigger then a d but not quite a dd bra size and I hate it. I want my post nursing small b cup breasts back. Having big boobs tends to make alot of women look either like a dumb bimbo and/or fatter then they are. Im short and a size six so they are not proportionate to My body. Rather,then focusing on bigger focus on all around appearance. And be happy with what you have

wjbra... wjbrady2011

I meant pre nursing not post nursibg

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