5 Boob Boosting Bras That Are Better Than Implants

victoria secret braI don't think I'd ever have the balls to get breast implants. How would I tell my parents? Take off work? Or explain to my grandfather, No, poppy, I cannot pass you the butter. Truth is, I got my boobs done and my doctor prohibited me from reaching further than an arm's distance away. It's just ... not in the cards for me, I'm afraid.

But if a C, D -- or dare I say bigger -- rack is something that you aspire to have, well goooodie 'cause I've got something to tell y'all big boobed dreamers: At the bottom of this post lies the secret to a bigger, fuller bust.

A ridicously great push-up bra. Now before you comment on my stroke of sheer genius I've got to tell you that I'm not the first to come forward with this amazing idea nor will I be the last. Manipulating our breast sizes will likely be in our genes for forever and the rest of all time. So that's good news, right?

Here are five groundbreaking tips to double your cup size and add that extra oomph to your bust line. Go on, take a look ...


Do you wear a push-up bra?


Image via angel with horns/ Flickr

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