JWoww’s Plastic Surgery Is Getting Out of Control (PHOTO)

jwowwJWoww. Oh wow oh wow oh wow oh what oh what oh what the hell happened to your face? The Jersey Shore star was in Los Angeles yesterday promoting some diet supplement called Ab Cuts, and people were a little shocked by her face. And by "people" I mean me. I'm shocked. I can't get over this. One minute you're a pretty girl on the trashiest reality TV show in the history of the world, the next you're endorsing diet pills and look 26 going on 46 with terrible plastic surgery. It's a slippery slope, mis amigos.

Won't somebody intervene before this gets way too out of control?


Because at this rate, I give her six months until she turns into the cat lady. JWoww has naturally beautiful features, it's too bad she's plumped, tucked, and nipped them so much that she looks totally plastic.

It was just last month when JWoww burst onto the scene after having, what seems to be, some work done, but this new photo seems to suggest that she's had even more cosmetic surgery in the last few weeks.

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I mean, she looks like a statue. A surprised statue, but a statue nonetheless. To make matters worse, JWoww has gone where no woman should ever, ever go, and got permanent makeup tattooed to her face. I don't know if they like the word "tattooed," but it is what it is.

As JWoww's fame increases, so do her trips to the medi-spa. If she keeps this up, though, she'll start to become famous for all the work she's had done. It's one way to stay in the public eye, but come on JWoww, you're better than that.


What do you think of JWoww's new look?


Photo via Splash News

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