Courtney Stodden's Hideous High Heels Are an Awful Cry for Attention

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Courtney StoddenOh that Courtney Stodden. Her life is pretty much like a train wreck that I can't help but watch. Can we, just for a moment, gab about her footwear? Check. Her. Out. Here she is (right) wearing her favorite shoes, a pair of crazy high clear stilettos that she was spotted in again earlier this week.

Those clunkers ... they've gotta be, like, a foot high. OK, maybe a foot is a little exaggerated. Maybe more like eight inches? I mean, I can see how her creepy main squeeze Doug Hutchison might like her to rock these in the bedroom, but walking around casually?! How does she even put one foot in front of the other? Holy leg workout!

So now I will pose the question, my fellow fashionistas: Are heels ever too high?

OK, I can answer that easily. Yes. Shoot, remember those Louboutin ballet shoes? Those were nuts! I don't think there's anything wrong with skyscraper heels, per se, it's just about when and where to wear 'em.

The ones Court's got on, those give off an "I'm easy and I know it" vibe when she's casually strolling around shopping. Perhaps if they were a few inches shorter, and she paired it with a more conservative ensemble, heck -- they wouldn't be so bad. OK, maybe I'm lying a little bit. The whole clear thing generally just reads skank.

When it comes to everyday heel height, I think it's best to judge a heel by how comfortable it is. Will you be happy trotting around all day in eight-inch heels? Probably not. Choose shoes that aren't just stylish but comfortable too, and you'll definitely be a happy camper.

Are you a fan of super high heels? Do you wear them on the regular?


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nonmember avatar Shelly

Really? Out of everything...that's the cry for attention. Not marrying a man old enough to be her grandfather. Not the tiny see through dress. Not looking old as a 50 year old washed up stripper? It's gotta be the heels!

CPN322 CPN322

I absolutely love super high heels, but I don't wear anything over 5 inches. I don't wanna fall and break my neck! I can totally see ladies maybe wearin those in the bedroom to spice things up but I don't see how she can possibly enjoy walking in those on a regular basis. And yes, though this is not her first cry for attention, it does appear to be one as she does seem to always be photographed in them. I bet if she dressed down, many peope wouldn't even know it was her!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Fuck the shoes, you can see the bitches underwear! Is she even 18 yet? And what the hell is that thing walking next to her? That whole situation is so disgusting.

Fondue Fondue

Did she have one leg spray tanned and not the other?? 

Oh, and everything Heather said, too.

pollo... pollopicu

What's the difference between this whore and the runner who danced like a slut during a race? Just because she's a runner? to me they are both attention whores who who be ashmed of themselves.

Todd Vrancic

I am worried less about the height of her heels than the height of the hem of her dress(?).  That doesn't look like a dress it looks like a longish shirt.

Water... Water_geM

what the fuck is pollopicu talking about?

shrim... shrimpmommy

I have worn platforms like hers and I 'fell over' about 5x!!! It was some adventure! LOL.

nonmember avatar Sherry

This err...girl constantly cries for attn. If all else fails she creates it. She cant and wont ever be taken seriously. What 17 yr old girl wants a 52 yr old man. Sleeping with grandpa in her pay me plastic platforms! I wonder if she got the deluxe ones with money slits in them. I gag thinking of them. Embarrassing slime balls.

Susie19 Susie19


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