'Facelift Bungee' Promises Instant Plastic Surgery -- But Does It Work? (VIDEO)


facelift bungeeDo you look tired? Do you feel like your skin doesn't bounce back like it used to? Have you tried every cream in the book -- the $2 one, the $20 one, the $200 one! -- and nothing seems to work? Too young for an actual face lift? Enter the Facelift Bungee! The contraption that takes years off your face in seconds! For just $25! And with no downtime at all!

All you have to do is make two braids on the sides of your head, puuulll them back really tight, secure them with a stretchy cord, and voila! You'll think you're staring into the pages of a glossy spread in Vogue, not your dusty old mirror.

Or not!

So, there's this thing on the market now -- the Facelift Bungee -- and it's the latest product that supposedly gives you a facelift in minutes, with the only side effect being some broken pieces of hair at your temples. And, it -- well, just watch the video and see what you think.

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Is this genius? Or idiotic? I'm being serious, I honestly can't tell. I personally didn't notice any sort of dramatic change in any of these women, but everyone was acting like this was the most amazing thing they'd ever laid their eyes on.

I'm totally not above ridiculous contraptions, potions, rituals, whatever in the name of beauty -- I've permed my eyelashes before (yes, it's insane, but holy s**t, does it do a world of difference on your eyes!) -- but I'm just not getting the Facelift Bungee. I mean, I understand the concept of it, but it really does just seem more silly than "results-oriented." I feel like I'm alone here, though; like I'm the only person not seeing the "picture" in one of those weird swirly drawings that you hold up close to your face. I mean, this thing was on Good Morning America for chrissake!

So, no. I will not being purchasing the Facelift Bungee. I will not be braiding my hair at the sides and pulling it back tightly to create the illusion of smoother skin. But I very well may perm my eyelashes again. Because even though it's ridiculous, it works.

Did you see a change in these women?


Image via Facelift Bungee


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rhps2000 rhps2000

Forget the facelift ... tell me about your eyelash perm! I heat up my metal eyelash curler with a lighter to curl my straight lashes and it lasts all day, but if the mascara is too wet, there goes the curl!

Tonya Motes Pralat

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I saw no difference in any of the women. They were gorgeous without the device. She said no more pain than a ponytail headache. Yeah for some people thats pretty bad,  Not to mention your hair breaking off or the fact that youre stretching your face more so that you WILL have to use the device. Some women are so gullible.


Rache... RachelAndAlanna

No harm done I guess, but those women don't look any different, at all.

berna... bernard808

I don't see any difference. Probably not worth the (likely literal) headache. It's telling that they don't show any before-and-after photos side by side.

shrim... shrimpmommy

I permed my eyelashes,too. Not as dramatic as having lash extensions.

nonmember avatar makeupbyanna

This is ridiculous. I saw no difference whatsoever in any of these women and they all looked good to start off with anyway. Also, it doesn't take 30 seconds to do the little braids and put the "device" in, it'd take way longer than that. She's just implying it, when really she means it takes 30 seconds to fasten the "device". And women with short hair can't even use it! Even if it's cheaper than plastic surgery and Botox (which I'm against), this is way to expensive. I'd even go as far as calling it a scam. The women who are using it, including the "inventor" just see what they want to see. Sad someone would pay money for that.

Jayden Eden

I wonder if this would work for my wife because she's been trying to find a facelift in Scottsdale. http://www.aboutfacescottsdale.com/facelift/ But hasn't found much yet.

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