‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Sexy Makeover Is Worth All the Hassle

teen mom leah messerTeen Mom star Leah Messer done got herself a new, fancy hairdo. The 20-year-old mom of twins Ali and Aleeah tweeted a photo of her and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert, which revealed to the world two things. One, Jeremy, caught in the right light, looks exactly like Leah's baby daddy, Cory, and two, Leah looks pretty great with her new two-tone extensions.

No, it's not really a mom-friendly style -- probably requires a lot of upkeep and provides a lot of yankability for her toddler twins -- but sometimes you gotta throw mom sensibilities into the wind and do what you want to do. Werk, Leah. Werk. This is her best look yet.

Fans of the show know that the West Virginia native has run the gamut with her hair. From platinum and straight to platinum and curly to golden and wavy to brown with highlights to bangs to no bangs to straight bangs with curly hair (my personal hair pet-peeve), she's tried almost everything.

Now it seems, for the moment, at least, that she's settled into these blond on top, brown on bottom hair extensions, and hey, they look pretty good. Very bo-ho meets country, and great for summer.

Every mom deserves to spend money on herself once in a while, and on something that makes her feel beautiful and special. As long as they're not in the poor house, it's great Leah indulged with a new hairstyle. They say that if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy -- glad to see Leah made herself a priority. Even though the hairdo seems trivial, to Leah, it probably means a lot.

As a mom, do you feel guilty treating yourself to a new haircut or style?

Photo via TM2LeahDawn/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Michelle

Seriously? How does she have so much time on her hands to spend on herself? And she has TWINS! I have ONE 3.5 year old and haven't had my hair cut and colored in six months because my husband travels a ton for work and I work full-time as well. Sorry, but my daughter will ALWAYS be the priority over my vanity. Shame on you, Leah.

fave82 fave82

Looks.. pretty great? Really?!

peanu... peanutsmommy1

not pretty... trashy. there is a difference

nonmember avatar kayla

I was sitting behind her when this pic was taken ! She was very friendly and willing to take pixs with everyone ! She also played with my little girl :) while watching the putnam county fair mud runs !

shell... shellyplatz

Her children spend a lot of time with their dad so she has time to herself and has the right to do what she wants with that time. I think her hair is cute.

Um isn't she married to him now? 

Puradonna Rush

Wow, really so what moms are supposed to look like shit now just because we have children? Don't think so. Good for you Leah, you look great!

Ashley Phillip Redmon

As long as her kids have everything they need, and they are not behind on bills, i think she can do as she pleases and if it makes he feel better to have her hair done and looking good, then she can!!! thats true, the old saying if mommy aint happy aint no one happy lol

nonmember avatar Jackie

i think its a great think for a mother to go get her hair done or nails done! it gives us time to ourselves! I have seen moms who never get away for a few hours and most of them are on the edge 24/7 and always stressed! I spend money on myself as well as my child! Just because u have a child doesnt mean u have to look like shit all the time and doesnt mean u cant go treat yourself to something nice! Doing this doesnt mean u dont love ur child it means your a mom and you are human and need time for yourself sometimes!!!

aReal... aRealteenMother

Wow, Michelle, YOU clearly need some me-time.

Natahli Jaime

I think that Leah looks great u go gurl,. Just because we become moms doesnt mean we have to look like shit!!!

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