Jennifer Aniston Gets Makeover as Frumpy Prostitute & Looks Nothing Like Herself

jennifer anistonIt's like those photos of celebs Photoshopped into regular folks, but real. Jennifer Aniston is on the set of We're the Millers in Wilmington, N.C., and looks virtually unrecognizable. In the flick she plays a hooker who pretends to be Jason Sudeikis' wife in order to smuggle a ton of pot across the country and evidently, the role called for a make-under. Jen's signature classy-chic style has been replaced with frumpy, ill-fitting chinos, a sleeveless button-down, and a mop of yellow hair with, oh my, bangs. Like, bangs bangs.

Let this be a lesson to anyone out there who doesn't think choosing the right clothes makes a difference … it does.


Jen is easily one of the most attractive people on the planet, but with bad clothes and worse hair, she doesn't look great. You might think that Jen would look good in anything, but can you honestly look at this photo and tell me that she's really rocking those puke-green khakis? And that that blousy, eyelet disaster of a top does wonderful things for her figure? Please.

This outfit is a great reminder that clothes can really make or break you. Sure, we all have days when we roll out of bed and don't give a shit what we put on, as long as it's not urine-soaked, but if and when you're trying to make an impression, look at this Jen outfit as a don't.

Don't wear vomit colored cropped pants, don't wear shirts that are too big and hit you in all the wrong places, and don't get bangs bangs unless you've got the heart-shaped bone-structure of a Witherspoon.

Just to cleanse your palate, here's Jen in a do. Ah, now that's better.



Photo via Pacific Coast News

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