Miley Cyrus Needs to Fire Her Stylist Immediately (If She Even Has One)

Miley CyrusCan someone please tell me what in the heck Miley Cyrus was thinking when she put on over-the-knee boots and these crazy southwestern-patterned shorts for an afternoon of shopping in New York City? I mean, I know she's famous and "she's just bein' Miley" and all -- but she honestly looks nothing short of ridiculous.

By her standards, I guess we could call this outfit conservative, you know -- because her breasts aren't hanging out the sides of her shirt. Of course, her bra is still visible, so it's not like she's dressed like a nun or anything like that.


(Oh, Miley, Miley, Miley!) When is she going to realize that hiding underneath her outrageous and revealing outfits is an adorable girl with an enviable slender body who would always be dressed for the occasion if she had the right stylist to help her?

Whoever is dressing Miley now needs to be fired immediately -- although something tells me there's a very good chance that someone who was being paid to make her look good wouldn't put her in an outfit like this. And that's why I'm wondering if she even has a stylist at all -- though it's incredibly obvious that she needs one STAT.

At only 19-years-old, Miley has plenty of time down the road to let herself go and throw caution to the wind as far as looking fashionable goes. (She'll be married to Liam Hemsworth soon enough and can get her wife look on then.) And that's why she needs to take advantage of her good looks while she can and choose clothes that play up her best assets without making her look like she's trying too hard -- or like she has absolutely no idea what she's doing.

Why do you think Miley feels the need to wear such tasteless outfits?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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