Tom Cruise Helps Katie Holmes Promote Her Clothing Line (VIDEO)

katie holmesI guess I never consciously realized it pre-divorce, but Katie Holmes pretty much kills it in anything she wears, doesn't she? All these paparazzi photos I've been seeing of her lately, walking around New York City with Suri, getting ice cream sundaes and whatnot -- the woman looks flawless. Perfection. So, I guess it shouldn't really come as a surprise that Katie's clothing line, Holmes & Yang, is currently enjoying a nice boost in sales, right? Holmegirl is a g.d walking advertisement for them. And a damn good one at that.


The high-end line (read: way-out-of-my-price-range line) is currently being sold at most Barneys -- and the ones that aren't carrying it have been getting requests. And, according to Emmy-award winning stylist, David Zyla: "Every editor will be at the Spring 2013 Holmes & Yang showing." So there you have it, I guess. The silver lining of Katie Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise. She's a bona fide fashion designer, like her bestie, Victoria Beckham.

I think throwing herself into her clothing line is good for Holmes. Not just because it'll get her mind off of her divorce, etc. etc., but because clearly the girl understands fashion. Do a quick Google image search of her -- there's nary a photo (a paparazzi photo) of her looking bad in sight. And doesn't the world need another celebrity-"designed" fashion label?

I kid. Kind of. But, seriously, guys, Holmes & Yang boasts some really nice pieces, and I don't doubt for a second that Katie actually had a hand in conceptualizing them. I'm going to have so much fun admiring them online. 

Check out the latest on Tom and Katie's divorce:

What do you think of "fashion designer" Katie?

Image via LLLEV/Flickr

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