A Sexy Scent for Your Geeky Gamer!

Mega ManA Fan of Mega ManGood news for those of you with husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/hook-ups who love playing video games.

The fragrance experts at Epic-Scents are now creating scents that match up with your man's favorite video game character.

Epic-Scents announced a partnership with Capcom during Comic-Con in San Diego last week. So far, it has developed two scents, one based on Mega Man, another on Proto Man.

Disappointingly, I have no idea who either of those "Men" are.

I'm personally jonesing for a little eau de Mario. Or perhaps a dab of Pac Man Parfum.

Would you buy character cologne for your favorite gamer?


"We really want gamers to know that we are making a fragrance that is an experience of who that character is," Epic-Scents project director Jim Kavanaugh told The Verge. "We're not saying this is what Mega Man the metal robot smells like, this is a fragrance that expresses him."

If the idea expands to Donkey Kong, do you think his scent would smell like bananas -- or is that too obvious?

And what about Princess Peach? I can already imagine that scent in my head.

Hey, maybe I should have this job!

Apparently, though, it's not that simple. It takes a team of scientists to create these scents. They blend together ingredients that evoke characteristics of the characters, like bravery, masculinity and purity.

The end result gets a name like 'Apple Cinnamon,' (that's the name of Proto Man's fragrance), and, if all goes well, becomes the next BRUT.

Right now, you can buy these fragrances as air fresheners. Epic-Scents hopes to have colognes available later this year.

Would you buy a video game perfume?


Image via Raffi Asdourian/Flickr

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