How to Buy the Perfect Lingerie for Your Post-Baby Body (VIDEO)

Unless you're a supermodel who survives on lettuce and had your trainer working with you mere seconds after you delivered, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and just plain gravity have likely taken a toll on your figure.

Lucky for us, the lingerie department holds the key to smoothing you out, lifting you up, and holding you in. Sarah James talks with "Lingerie Goddess" Margaret Shrum about avoiding the post-baby sag, sucking in those stubborn bulges, and avoiding the dreaded VPL in the latest episode of The Sarah James Show. Check out the video below, and read on for tips.


First of all, remember that investing in lingerie that supports and flatters you is really an investment in your self-care. You'll look better and feel better.

Visible panty lines (VPL) are a huge pet peeve for many of us. If you hate the feeling of a thong, there are other options. Seamless microfiber panties come in all styles and fit like a second skin while being breathable and comfortable, without VPL!

Shapewear can be intimidating ... is it like the girdles our moms wore?  No! Today's shapewear is surprisingly easy to wear and gives you a nice, smooth line under clothes. You can buy waist cinchers, longer briefs that go all the way up under your bra, or ones that look like bike shorts and smooth your thighs. There are even ones that boost your booty!

Nothing matters as much as the right bra, though. Most of us are walking around in the wrong bra size. Stop the guesswork by measuring yourself: Wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage just below your breasts and take a deep breath in; that's your band size (32, 34, etc.). Then measure around the fullest part of your breast -- that will give you your cup size. If it's a one inch difference, you're an A cup; two, you're a B; three, you're a C, and so on. Sounds confusing? You can watch Sarah and Margaret demonstrate in the video.

Now that you know your size, what kind of bra should you buy? You probably need more support than you did before having children. Look for bras with "cookies" that will push you up or buy silicone "cutlets" that can go under your breasts in any bra. Or look for seaming in more constructed bras or support "slings" that hold you up in softer styles. The good news is that lingerie manufacturers have figured out how to make bras that are supportive but don't look like some kind of unsexy medical device. You can find lace, colors, and patterns now!

Check out the video for more post-baby lingerie tips.

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What's your favorite lingerie solution?

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