6 Easy Tips to Avoid Messy Makeup Spills While Traveling (PHOTOS)

luggageI hate packing. It's like, Please let me do anything else in the world but sit and think about what I'm going to wear, when I'm going to wear it and how I'm even going to keep it from getting wrinkled before I can put it on. And don't even get me started on folding.

If you thought my distaste for packing my clothes was bad -- you're going to want to tune in to hear just how much I hate packing my makeup. Talk about arduous tasks that impede on my ability to take up space on the couch watching Dance Moms. But it turns out that lucky me has some packing to look forward to, so I've been on the hunt for helpful tips.

While I found 5 great tricks that make packing makeup away easier, there's still no word on a Makeup Mess Makers Anonymous Club. Oh, well. Take a look at these hints.


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How do you pack for a trip?

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  • Divide & conquer


    Before you take a step on vacation -- think about what you really need to bring on your trip. If you're going somewhere tropical, skip the bronzer -- you'll have a tan when you get there.

  • Wrap it up


    Use it to secure bottles or even your shadows. Wrap it diligently around your liquid foundations or even any loose bottles of perfume. When you're on vacation, just cut it off and throw it away.

  • Keep glass away from glass


    Here's a tip that I bet you've never heard before: keep your glass bottles away from each other. There's no reason to think airline employees are going to play it safe with your luggage. It helps to have a makeup bag with compartments to separate the fragile bottles.


  • Invest in a makeup tote


    In the past, makeup totes were sort of ugly, though totally practical. But the days of old have come and gone and these new bags are flirty and fun -- not to mention the best way to lug around all your beauty equipment.

  • Buy plastic reusable containers


    It doesn't get much easier than this. Save yourself three pounds and pour a pint-size amount of your shampoo, lotion and conditioner into a bottle that's perfect for travel on-the-go. Refill as needed. Worry never.

  • Keep lipstick & lip gloss in your purse


    Because these tend to melt when in warmer temperatures, the safest place to keep these is with you, wherever you go. Keep them together in a Ziploc bag.

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