8 Things Moms Need to Toss From Their Closets if They Want to Feel Sexy

cardigan and mom jeansIf you're like pretty much every other mom I know, then odds are good that you have a few pieces of clothing in your closet that do a much better job collecting dust and sitting on the hanger than they do making you feel like a fashion queen.

And in addition to those items that we cling to in the hopes that we'll one day be able to wear them again, there are also certain clothes that really do nothing for our style & make us look much older and frumpier than we actually are.


It can be so hard to part with our favorite duds for many different reasons, but if moms really want to salvage their fashion sense and look like a million bucks on any given day, here are 8 things moms need to remove from their closets and get rid of once and for all.

1. 10-year-old jeans -- C'mon, you know you have a pair of jeans sitting on your shelf that hugged you in all the right places about 10 years ago, but simply don't fit at this point in your life, and probably never will again. Hanging on to them is only killing your self esteem. It's time to break up with them and move on to a new pair that fits your body NOW. (It'll be a miracle if I ever learn this one.)

2. Dress from your bridal shower -- When it comes to keeping the dress I wore to my own shower almost 10 years ago, I'm guilty as charged. I won't even tell you what size the damn thing is because it will make me cry, but the dress is another ego blow that I need to part with. If you are clinging to a frock from a special occasion in your past -- let it go before you go insane. Trust me.

3. "Mom" cardigan -- You know that cardigan sweater that keeps you warm on days when the office AC is cranked to the max? Yeah, it may get rid of your goosebumps, but it also makes you look about 20 years older.

4. Baggy sweats -- It can be so tempting to throw on a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt because of the comfort factor, but nothing says, "I've totally let myself go" like an outfit that looks & feels like frump-city.

5. String bikini from your honeymoon -- This one is along the same lines as the jeans and bridal shower dress. Let. It. Go. Invest in a brand new tankini or one-piece instead.

6. "Mom" jeans -- For the love of God, PLEASE throw away anything remotely resembling mom jeans. The rule of thumb I like to use is if you are unable to see your belly button after putting your jeans on -- you're wearing mom jeans. Unacceptable.

7. Granny panties -- Ok, so these may be in your dresser and not your closet, but they still count. Granny panties are called "Granny" panties for a reason -- because there's nothing sexy about them. Throw them away and buy yourself a whole load of comfortable & chic lace thongs.

8. Pants with pleats -- Pleats are a serious fashion disaster -- period. No further explanation needed.

What items in your closet are totally killing your fashion confidence?


Image via woollyrover/Flickr

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