Not Your Typical Mom Style: Sexy Heels at the Playground


Are you signed up for newsletters from your favorite stores? I am. And it's all a big tease to show me things I really, really want and cannot have. Like these Bolted Crimson Peep-Toes from Anthropologie. I need these shoes. I want them! But they are $430 so it's just not happening until they go on a 90 percent off sale.

And for the hot minute I was rationalizing the purchase of these shoe boots with a 4 inch heel and 1 inch platform and how adorable they would look with a little black dress, the reality hit that I can't buy a pair of shoes that expensive unless I was going to wear them a lot. Like every day forevermore. Could these heels handle a day at the playground with my toddler twins? Could I possibly slide down a slide so my kids can have a giggle without impaling anyone with those python printed heels?

I think I could. For a day. Not every day. And maybe not these exact shoes ... or any shoes that are $430 since my budget is tight. But I would survive a jaunt at the park with the littles wearing high heels without anyone getting hurt except for maybe the bottom of my feet if I stand around for too long. Trips to the local sandbox would be fine since we sit the whole time playing there. And I'd just be super careful when going down the slide and I wouldn't propel my legs forward while on the swing and there was a chance of a child passing by. And of course I'd try really hard not to roll my ankles.

My shoes would not be weapons, I promise. My feet. My style. My shoes. Moms don't have to follow a dress code while at the playground with their kids, do we? Does it say somewhere that we have to be wearing sensible flats or sneakers or we will be thrown out, banned ... never allowed to return? Don't get me wrong -- I love my sensible sandals. I love them so much the soles are worn out from wearing them just about every single day.

I'm just saying if you have sexy heels and you're stable in them and it's what you want to wear to the park with your kids, wear 'em!

Do you wear sexy heels to the park with your kids? Or do you think this is a no-no?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I wouldn't even wear a chunky heel, even a low one. I suck at heels at the best of times so walking through mulch would just be asking for a broken ankle. If I saw someone in heels I would think they're nuts but I wouldn't judge them unless they were wearing hooker heels and the rest of the hooker outfit. Oh, and I'd judge them if they were wearing crazy expensive heels and clothes but their kids were in desperate need of clothes. There's a mom at my son's school like that, very expansive and expensive wardrobe but her son seems to have two or three pairs of those very cheap Hanes sweatpants that are several inches too long. She needs to sell one item from her wardrobe and buy him a whole new wardrobe.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Is this a trick question? Honestly. No. I don't wear heels unless there's a reason to, and there is almost never a reason to. And I really like wearing heels, they're fun. But I just don't have the occasion for them.

For me, the park is for running, playing, and getting sand in places you didn't even know you had. So no, I won't be wearing heels to the playground, park, beach, wherever. That's what my Keens are for. I live in them during summer.

Todd Vrancic

I never wear heels.  You are free to wear heels if that is your wish.

4cadi... 4cadillac

Gosh...i love heels & ima size 9.5/10. I wuz a very late bloomer & i will git cute up jus 2 take da kids 2 da park.

lhiannan lhiannan

I'd find it kind of interesting to walk around in the playground mulch with those....I love heels, but they get saved for when I can appreciate, not curse them.  You can't really run after your kids in those...that being said, I wouldn't really care at all if another mom was at the playground in heels.  It's more important that you are interacting with your kid (and not your phone), than what you are wearing.

Shannon Kaster

I love wearing heels, but what happens when you have to run after your child? There's a time and a place for heels. The park is NOT the place!

nonmember avatar Dianna

If you want to wear heels, wear them. It is nobody's business what shoes you wear to the park.

BGarcel BGarcel

I wear heels to the park with my kids. I usually have either come from somewhere else with them or am going somewhere else with them. I usually don't wear spiked heels because of stability, but stable heels like these are easy to walk and run in. And yes, I can chase my kids perfectly fine in heels, they are not that fast yet.

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