Lady Gaga's Naked Ad Might Be the Best Thing About Her New Perfume (VIDEO)

lady gaga ad for the fame perfumeBrace yourselves, Little Monsters, because Lady Gaga's next hit might be right around the corner. No, we don't have new music coming our way just yet, but the pop star's premiere perfume is hitting shelves in September, and new promotional material has made its way onto the web via Gaga herself.

Stefanie tweeted an image of her new fragrance ad, shot by photographer Steven Klein. As you can see, she's lying in the buff, wearing a face mask and ... a bunch of miniature men crawling up and on her nude body. Oh, and by the way, there's Lady Gaga Fame perfume bottle. Ooh, how shocking and avant garde! Is this ad -- which kinda feels like everything else we've gotten from Gaga so far -- an indication of what we have to look forward to with this perfume?


Ehhh ... not so sure.

J'adore Gaga, but celeb perfume is, well, celeb perfume. Even though Fame is being dubbed "the first-ever black perfume" (it turns clear when spritzed -- cue oohs and ahhs!), I feel like for the most part, all of these perfumers -- and their celeb collaborators -- keep recycling the same scents. Fruity and way too sweet or deep and "sensuous" with that woody or patchouli-ish bottom note. Borrrring! The only recent exception to this rule, as far as I'm concerned, has been Jennifer Aniston's fresh, signature scent, which really does live up to its claims, boasting "the scent of jasmine on summer evenings" and "the scent of the ocean."

As we've reported before, the notes in Gaga's perfume will be tears of belladonna, incense, saffron, honey, apricot nectar, crushed tiger orchid, and jasmine sambac. Sounds unique. And the proprietary "technology" behind the scent -- it's a trampoline structure, meaning notes rise at different rates, as opposed to pyramidal, with bottom, middle, and top layers like most scents -- is intriguing. But ultimately, I worry it may still be a lot of hype.

Still, Gaga's tweeted about all of the hard work she put into the ad (which she wouldn't have done if she didn't believe in the product, right?) ...

i won’t lie I’m a bit nervous. its been a while since i’ve shared some work with you. But i’m so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep!

And one of the execs on the team, Bernd Beetz of Coty Inc., said, "Gaga's launch represents my personal credo brought to life: Innovate or die!" So both of those quotes make me want to at least remain optimistic that we've got something truly extraordinary headed our way. Who knows? After all, this is a woman who has pushed the boundaries and changed the standards for music and fashion ... The next frontier could easily be fragrance.

Here's a video Gaga tweeted today that goes behind-the-scenes of Fame's "formulation" ...

Do you think Lady Gaga's first perfume sounds destined to be something special or all bark, no bite?

Image via Steven Klein/

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